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Sunday, 15 October 2017

【FOOD】 RedCups Coffee @ Paradigm Mall, Petaling Jaya

Today's post is about a recent re-brand coffee shop: used to love and preferable choice by many neighborhoods, and now has underwent a major makeover --- REDCUPS COFFEE

Used to be COSANS COFFEE, the REDCUPS COFFEE has started their operation since end of September 2017, aiming to continue serving their friendly neighborhood with their brand new RED concept:

" Red, as a primary colour, when mixed appropriately it can create any colour. As a symbol of passion, joy and love, red is also the colour of our coffee beans. A cup of good quality beans as primary, extract and mixed appropriately will definitely gives you the energy to go further. "

Using the finest arabica roasted-bean, in REDCUPS COFFEE rest assure the coffee you received are in the best aromatic taste which you sought looking for.

You can opts for their cold drink too.

Besides coffee, there are few additional highlights, courtesy from the Redcups Coffee:

#1 Big Breakfast

Their big breakfast could easily feed up to 2-3 person with just RM 29.90! I personally feels like I'm in the USA enjoying being an American over such big portion of breakfast.

#2 Cakes

These are the cakes highly recommended by the owner:

Look at that amount of Mashmellows! And surprisingly, it wasn't too sweet as it seems.

Not my favourite choice but if you are Macademia fan, please do try their already added with sprinkle of salty taste.

My favourite among all. I've discovered it since COSANS days and I'm glad that it still retain its taste after the major rebrand. 

Redcups coffee is collaborating with Kiple! Do download the App: http://bit.ly/redccafy​ to enjoy instant 10% rebate on every transaction: StoreValue and KipleKash rebate is as good as cash with a simple 1:RM1 equivalent that beats other reward/loyalty programs.

Redcups Coffee
Lot K-02, Level UG No.1 Paradigm Mall
Petaling Jaya, Malaysia
Tel: 012-789 0730
Business Hour: 10am - 10pm daily

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