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Friday, 30 June 2017

【TECH】 The Techy Hub, a community of creative geek

The Techy Hub

The Techy Hub

The Techy Hub

The Techy Hub

The Techy Hub, web developer, creative agency

When I first introduce The Techy Hub, I was in awe with its work they did for their clientele. Not only stylish and trendy, it's not laggy to scroll ups and downs of their clientele's website. (Believe it or not, one of their clientele is actually my High School Babe!) Overall, it's simple yet giving pleasant look to the readers, which I like.

A quick through of what services The Techy Hub offer to you:

Three Major Services at The Techy Hub

The Techy Hub, web design, web development, graphic design, digital marketing
(Pictures from freepik.com)

#1 Web Design & Development

The Techy Hub, web design, web development
(Picture from freepik.com)

With the join force of web developer and designer, the team ensure interactive and responsive user interface as well as aesthetically delightful graphics, transcribes the client's visions & ideas to built a website that parallels the client's brand, ensuring the transition from physical to digital is seamless.

With increasing demand on buying things online, The Techy Hub also offers E-commerce Website Development, a service to build user-friendly e-commerce websites that engages the audience into extend navigation, thus encouraging a higher percentage of conversions.

#2 Graphic Design

The Techy Hub, graphic design, company logo
(Picture from freepik.com)

Company logo, Print, The Techy Hub got it all! Having a creative and talented team behind, the designer will creates unique, iconic and functional logos as well as leaving a memorable & great impression of your brand.

#3 Digital Marketing

The Techy Hub, digital marketing
(Picture from freepik.com)

Internet are so advance that almost every household in Malaysia can't leave without it, which makes Digital Marketing so important. Specialize in SEO (search engine optimization), Ads & Social Media, The Techy Hub digital marketing team will provide their expertise which increase brand awareness organically, creative content which sail into your targeted audience to increase conversion and ROI, rest assure to make your brand known to the world!

The Techy Hub, SEO

The Techy Hub, SEO

I'd to give credit to their top-notch services. Not only being patient with me how can I improve SEO of my blog, the Digital Marketing Techie - Kur Win, constantly checking back on me on how is my blog doing, giving me some valuable suggestion. From the bottom of my heart, thank you for your hard work and patient on this digital marketing-noob me! :)

Interested to have them working for your website, logos or brand awareness? Do look up on their website to check on their work & services offer!

The Techy Hub

The Techy Hub Sdn Bhd

3rd Floor,
34C, Jalan SS22/25,
Damansara Jaya,
47400 Petaling Jaya,
Selangor, Malaysia
Business Hour: Monday to Friday 10am - 5pm
Email : info@thetechyhub.com

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