How I spent my precious long-holiday?

by - 6/13/2017 12:21:00 am

DISCLAIMER: the above comic doesn't entirely illustrate what I did over this long-weekend. However, the part where I should do something out of it and ended up snoozing + watching TV (finally I've got a new TV wohooo!) while I should do something more "meaningful" is true.

I guess, this is the result of handling my company project, and sleeping has becoming my most favourite hobby.

Well, at least I didn't waste my long holiday entirely. I mean, I watched Wonder Woman (like, finally!), I updated my weekly MTN (won't wanna see my IG flown with #throwback stuff) and also, I finally update my blog!! *throw flowers* Sorry if I'd disappointed you with the forever stuck in March post, and this post will serve as reimbursement for you guys lol!

Trust me, my heart was so itchy to blog the moment I decided to take time off from blogging. There was so many things I'd like to do, and all have to put on hold because of this project. It sure driving people crazy the moment you find yourselves have to work non-stop almost everyday.

Despite there's still sight of improvement here and there, I sees the project is getting stabilize day by day. The feeling was not so intense as compared to what I felt the most back at April - May. Which, in the other words, I maybe able to get back to my social life in no time wohooo!! Wait for me, y'all! Here comes the reborn of Anfieldyee!

Blogging, comics events, food reviews, here I comeeee!

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