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Saturday, 25 February 2017

Unending workload, from now

Yep, that's my current work life is: unending workload!
I expected this would happen. But one said: you'll never feel it if you don't experience it!

It has been a busy 2017 thus far, until at some point it has affected greatly on my social life. With the involvement on this project, I've sacrificed most of things I love to do: travel, food hunting, attend blogger event and even my spending time with my Family & Friend was affected T____T I thought I could work on it somewhere to balance it out but things (work and even personal) just come to me non-stop.

Frankly speaking, I'm physically and mentally tired.

It makes me begin to question this path I once so sure that this is the direction God has prepared for me. Understand that challenges will come while you're pursuing your wish. However, with all these sacrifaction made, it drives me to think if all these are worthy or not.

I miss those days where I can travel freely, catching up, hanging out with my jimui bloggers for events and food hunting! It's such a pain that I couldn't be there with them physically, where scrolling on facebook during weekends (I need plenty of rest!) is my only option to check on them.

On top of that, I actually do have lots of things wanting to do. But I'd to put on hold for time being due to this project T____T

Perhaps this is a change that I need to learn to submit myself to God and let HIM determine my path without my own judgement came in. Career is the area which I've been praying ever since I stepped into working world. If God wants me to choose this path, I'm sure HE will make a way for me.

Everything happens for a reason. Who knows, with this busy period ahead, that God wants me to focus more on creating original work of life comic, instead of a pool of advertising and review blogpost? (At least I can make use of this minimal free-time to update my TN. Great opportunity to boost up my IG muahaha!)

Hopefully, when the project ends, I will get back my social life! Another month to go till GO-LIVE, 3 more months to have everything stabilize, we are NEARLY there!! #workingadultselfmotivation

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