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Sunday, 28 August 2016

Taman Jaya Park, the fastest way to get Pikachu / Raichu

Knowing that this park is near to my office, it's such a shame that I have not been explored this park until the Pokemon GO decided to lure me in.

And also a good excuse to explore Taman Jaya Park! #AllHailtoPokemonGO

But hey, it's just one! So is this really a Pikachu Nest place? 

Allow my print screen tells the story:

When you thought you will be meeting a Poliwag instead of Pikachu first,

Or you're still deciding should you catch Bulbasaur (ended up both got run away -_-)

The other day where you decided to stay in the park after sunset.

No need to walk to the extra mile and search for Raichu frantically! All you need to do is explore around Taman Jaya Park, caught 16 Pikachus and get one of it to evolve. Simple isn't it?

Amchorp Mall at Sunset

And... the result of what Pokemon GO did to me lolol!

The Taman Jaya Park is such a smoothing place. Surrounded with trees, breezing air and a big pond close to the middle, it gives you a breeze and relaxing to walk around. It's no wonder one of a highly recommended place for joggers, couples and families for children to play around.

Not to mention the car-park is sufficient for patrons: one near to Bangunan Tenaga Nasional Berhad (which you need to pay) and another one is just besides residential area (which is free!) Not even the Pokemon GO saga could occupied the entire parking spaces!

Le friend forwarded this picture to me as if Zombies had claimed this place. 

Look at that amount of Pokestop with lure module!!

And that, ladies and gentlemen, the current situation at Taman Jaya Park. Instead of having people do jogging / walking / tai-chiing / yogaing, we now have poke-hunters moving around the park.

As if this is a place for competition. Too bad they have only one gym to compete!

But we are not here just to catch Pikachu (although that pretty much the main reason). If you're patient enough and explore closely, you'll discover that there are actually more pokemon which could added up to your #catchoftheday list. There are many pokemons which I don't usually meet outside appears here!

And I do have some proof to you!!

Ok maybe THIS is everywhere.

But I need MORE of you to evolve my Poliwhirl!!

So when are you gonna turn yourself into Fearow? *demanding*

The other day I caught Exeggcute with more than CP 500! 

Plenty of crabs walking around in this park for you to catch!

So does Magikarp! #stillworkingtocollect400ofthem

But this isn't a good place to grow more mushroom!

Two head chic, how bout that?

Or you want the evolve type?

Oh look! Another pikachu!! *quicky grab my pokeball*

Dear Bulbasaur, come to ma maaa~~ *^_^*

Well well, you sure doesn't like to show yourself nearby the pond eh?

I think I may ended up becoming Staryu collectors!

I don't care whether I'd it or not as long as this is FREE!

Don't run away from me, Eevee! I still need Flareon to complete my Pokedex!

Completely freak out while bumping into this guy during Chinese Ghost month. Still, it's too cute not to catch it! 

Hello, Psyduck! Does Taman Jaya Park's pond treated you well? ^_^

Not often I bumped into Charmander and this must be my lucky day!

It sure has lots of Ghost pokemon here. #dontcare #catchfirst

Aren't you are a cute little one? ^_^

Dear Pokemon Trainers, please don't get jelly on me. XD

Apparently she ran away from me. *SOBZ*

Pikachu is still here! All day, all night!

I can rest catching more tentacools!

The other day I was scream in joy when I bump into this guy but it ran away. 
I was sad for a couple of hours.

However, the next day I got a even better one. Best catch so far!

So...how is your Pokemon Hunting compare to mine? ;)

Taman Jaya Park
Jalan Timur, Seksyen 10, 46000 Petaling Jaya, Selangor
Public Access

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