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Monday, 8 August 2016

Go-Getter Cafe @ Bukit Jalil

The moment I entered into this cafe, I was in awe with its interior surrounding, as if I was being escorted to walking down onto the childhood memory lane!

When blogger Ivy Gan introduced me Go-Getter Cafe, I thought it's some kind of cafe operated by Goget.my lol. Little did I know that there was this cafe which serve delicious waffle and bingsu which was known to the neighborhood!

Even its mural consists of child-like elements. It's no wonder I'm as excited as a child!

Yeah, right.

Our table number.

But the most exciting part is:

I found my hippo!!!

I couldn't believe someone out there actually do shares my choice of animals! (Ok lah the another person is Ivy) According to the owner, he has been searching this kind of hippo all around Malaysia and manage to find it at Kaison! Sadly, it's no longer in sales. A sad & relief mixed feeling?

Else you probably found out that this Aunty will be driving down to Paradigm Mall right away just to get this hippo. 

Anyway, since it's not often to have hippo in the house, I decided to make it as my beverage model:

with Macadamia Latte - RM 12

Betty's hub was using my phone to take picture and this is one of the best he'd captured.

And instantly become my phone's wallpaper lol!

with Caffe Latte - RM 11

with Hazelnut Latte - RM 12

And that's how you can use their hippo to post your latte. You're very much welcome.

After that I decided to rest hippo simply because it was too big to pose besides the food.

In case you're wonder, Gogetter also offers main dishes (more towards Asian Western fushion style) but since we are here to review their dessert, bear in mind that this post will be just about dessert.


#1 Salted Egg Yolk Charcoal Waffle - RM 18

Well I couldn't deny that it was one of the best waffle that Gogetter cafe offered. That crispy charcoal based waffle topped with vanilla ice-cream rounded with homemade caramel sauce sprinkle, together with orea & almond flake surprisingly blended well together with self-pour salted egg yolk sauce.

Looks like an egg that has been smashed on the plate but it's star dish of this cafe that spark the discussion on the facebook. 

#2 Fancy Banana

This charcoal based waffle topped with vanilla ice-cream and banana, decorated with chocolate syrups, coconut shreds and that little tiny bid of sweet sparkling around turns me on to be a kiddo! 

#3 Ondeh Ondeh Pandan Waffle

If Fancy Banana turns me on to be a kiddo, this dish makes me a Malaysian! Pandan flavour waffle plated together with coconut ice-cream, coconut shreds, almond flake and not to forget, the self-pour gula melaka.

#4 Angelababy - RM 20

It just happens that this dish was named Angelababy. Topped with Philadelphia Cream Cheese, Vanilla ice-cream together with blueberry toping with orea cruch, milk chocolate shred, strawberry and blueberry, the outlook of this dish worth a picture in your Instagram account.  

a closer look of Angelababy.


#5 Venice - RM 20

Love that chocolate bid blended into the strawberry ice-cream. This earl greay premium snow topped with vanilla ice-cream, orea cruch,, almond flake, chewy mochi and imported strawberries could be one of many girl's choice of dessert.

#6 Mark 1 - RM 17

I love the smoothness comes from its red bean! Earl grey tea premium snow topped with vanila ice-cream, almond flakes,chewy mochi and adzuki red bean, Mark 1 offers in snow affogato, which serve as perfect dessert choice for coffee lovers. 

Best served when the bingsu was soaked with a shot of espresso.

#7 Mango Durian Bingsu & Homemade Gula Melaka - RM 20

When there's durian, there's a durian bingsu! This durian bingsu surrounded with mango cube-size, served together with gula melaka has easily becomes Malaysian's favourite dish! 

Shot taken by Betty's hub. I'd called him Lee sifu out for nothing!


#8 Eiffel Tower (New Menu)

Behold, Go-Getter's signature dessert - the eiffel tower. Consists of 5 different type of baskin robin ice-cream, a mixture of different type of fruits, two rolls of Julia roll biscuits and almond flake. This dessert can be shared by 4 - 6 people and I reckon it's a perfect dessert for birthday celebration!

look at that amount of ice-cream being stuffed in!

If you are a sweet lover, and happens to stay near / in bukit jalil, you may wanna rejoice because these dessert that Go-Getter offered could easily won your heart! From the crispy waffle, to smooth bingsu and many kinds of dessert in the jar, Go-Getter has it all!

Go-Getter Cafe
1, 1st Floor, Block 5,, 12, Jalan Jalil Jaya 6,
Bukit Jalil, 57000 Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia
Phone: +6019-260 2288
Business Hour: 12-11pm Daily (closed on Wednesday)

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