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Sunday, 3 July 2016

Brazzo Cascades @ Kota Damansara

*This is a Non-Halal food post!*

So next time if you have no idea where are you at, you can look up to the LIFT!

Fine then I know I'm a direction noob.

Just last month I was invited for a food review session at Brazzo Cascades, together with a group of blogger thanks to Alicia's generous invitation. Indeed I was looking forward to this food review after reading lots of positive feedback from the internet:

Cascades is a new place to me despite knowing its existence for quite some time. The Brazzo I'm reviewing has just open its 4th branches in Cascades since last year December.

Right after I parked my car (it's free parking at the moment but sooner they will implement their parking system hence better be hurry before they start charging you! :P) I bumped into this signboard. Thanks goodness to this signboard, I manage to know Brazzo is actually located at LG floor. I would have ended up running aimlessly at LG1 without knowing the whole Cascades building is consisting of LG2, LG1, LG, 1 and 3A level!

The design and set up is rather casual dining. It was quite windy that day I felt chill just hanging around here at night!

The backdrop which reserves for future live band.

On its right-side is a closed area cater for hangouts, non-smokers or family diners.

On the left side is bar area, for hang-over / smokers favourite spot!

Grant-nya the sofas!

In Brazzo, you can find these huge selection of beers and wines with different brands placing on the rack. I'm very surprised to find some of the famous brands are available here!

Some of the famous brands I've spotted.

The bartenders here are well-equipped with these beverages knowledge, ready to pamper your night with a glass of cocktail!

Left: Pina Colada @ RM 25, Right: Blue Martini @ RM 25

Red Velvet @ RM 25

That pretty much tells why Brazzo is so well-equipped, which set to be the best casual dining in Kota Damansara! Not only the environment is chilling and spacious, the food were good, too!

#1 Mix Ham Pizza - RM 29.80 

Chef's combination of premium hams, topped with mozzarella cheese and served on top of our homemade pizza dough. 

I just love how thin & crunchy their dough is, how cheesy the pizza, how tender the ham they offered. The looks of relatively simple pizza which consists of cheeses and few pieces of ham on the top could blend so well together with their dough, which subsequently have just won my heart away!

#2 Char-Grilled Chicken Thigh - RM 25.80

A juicyful, tenderous whole chicken tight, seasoned with smoked paprika and seared till perfection could lifted up your dining mood. Served with their homemade special sauce, which surprisingly, blended well with the chicken!

#3 Sesame Crusted Alfi Tuna - RM 72.80

Those slices of imported Ahi Tuna is something you ought to give it a try! Crusted together with black & white sesame seeds and flash seared, I find it rather healthy and delicious. Served medium rare with their special sauce!

#4 Char-Grilled AACO 1824 Grain Fed Sirloin Steak - RM 66.80

Check this out, steak lovers! The secret to this cut is the wonderful char-grilled fat that melts in your mouth!

#5 Brazzo’s Iberico Pork Cheek - RM 103.80

That porkkkkkkk! Spanish Iberica marbled pork cheek, marinated in spices and seared to perfection.

#6 Char-Grilled NZ Lamb Rack - RM 78.80

The most premium cut of lamb will certainly mark this dish as must-try! Char-grilled to perfection, the lambs are crisp and fragrant on the outside, juicy and tender on the inside!

#7 Oven Baked Atlantic King Cod Fish - RM 78.80

Fragrant king cod fish with crispy skin accompanied by a homemade parsley cream sauce that makes me feel like a cat enjoying her most favourite meal!

#8 XL Hokkaido Scallop Aglio Olio - RM 35.80

This combination of XL scallops served with pasta tossed with garlic, chili powder and extra virgin olive oil doesn't make the whole pasta taste spicy. Instead, it blend together so well I especially love how tender the scallop turns out to be.

#9 Blue Cheese Pasta - RM 33.80

This dish makes me feel like a mouse! Slow cooked with blue cheese and tossed with chip, the cheese smell was strong enough to linger around your mouth but you still can enjoy the crispy bacon taste and also the chewy-ness of pasta!

#10 XL Hokkaido Scallops with Balsamic Tomato Salsa - RM 42.80

Again, I'm in total head over heels of their scallops! The XL size scallops are seared to perfection and served with balsamic tomato salsa, it makes the whole dish feels savory and delicious.

#11 Family Platter - RM 158

How would you want to spend the night with your family?

Or rather, with a group of peers?

This meaty and savory dish which can be shared among 4 - 6 people could be your kind of mini-buffet choice for your love ones. Each and every of the food being served on the place were cooked & grilled to perfections to satisfy your stomach!

In case if you need some add-ons to compromise your strong taste, it comes with 6 different sauces available for you to mix around.

Beware, you might end up feeling too full to move on..

To add on a bonus, just right in front of Brazzo has this dancing water which keeps the outsiders company. I find it feeling very relaxing by just hearing the sound of water. The lights changed rapidly as if I was watching a free mini water dance performance in Brazzo.

While you're inside, you can see a mini aura light due to its light change.

Brazzo Cascades is a hidden gem at Kota Damansara as it's a pretty new place. As such,there isn't much of patron like you would have to face when you're in Kota Damansara: the forever no-parking saga and over-congested area. If you want a quite night enjoying over a good food and drinks, Brazzo is definitely a place for you to have in mind.

Brazzo Cascades
A-G-08 & A-G-09, Dataran Cascades
No.13A, Jalan PJU 5/1, Kota Damansara PJU 5,
47810 Petaling Jaya ,Selangor.
Tel: +603-7629-4086
Open daily from 12.00pm-1.00am

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