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Tuesday, 14 June 2016

Watching EURO 2016 LIVE with Stadium Astro & Astro on the GO apps

As a huge football fans, it’s not possible for Anfieldyee to miss such an important major tournament which happens once in 4 years (also the cause behind those panda eyes on the next working day). However, with so much interruption to book my house TV nowadays (Dad needs to watch TV, Mom is asking me to do house core and I only have one TV in my house), my dream to watch the matches LIVE is deem to be shattered.

Thankfully, with the recent modern technology we have, if you can’t get the TV, do it on APP! Which is why, I’m super delighted when I found out we can watch matches LIVE at 2 apps developed by ASTRO:

Just last Friday I was lucky to be invited to attend the Stadium Astro & Astro on the Go event, hosted by Astro!

Actually I discovered that previously Astro did held such event for the past few years whenever there was any major football tournaments (FIFA, UEFA, EURO etc) for bloggers. Never know in my dream I’ll get the chance to attend before it has been known widely to the public!! Being a football fan for the past decades (and a noob one), I’d say this is the best gift I’ve ever get thus far! #itsgoodtobeablogger

In conjunction to the upcoming UEFA EURO 2016, our main official broadcaster ASTRO is set to bring all matches LIVE to Malaysian starting from this 11st June 2016! What’s more, you can even watch it LIVE on their APPS – Stadium Astro & Astro on the Go, which pretty much introduced on the event that day!

Seriously, if that mascot is real life, I’d say he’s the most lengzai in this tournament!

The event kick-off with 2 beautiful Emcees to introduce the Apps - Stadium Astro & Astro on the GO!

Let us show you how to use these apps!

Demonstration on Astro on the GO

Astro on the Go app will bring the full coverage of the European Championship; all 51 matches LIVE, beyond the TV screen!

Demonstration on Stadium Astro

Stadium Astro serves as the ultimate companion app for the UEFA EURO 2016, offering official match highlights in multi-angle, in-depth teams and players’ stats with comparisons, news, video on demand content and more.

So why should you get Stadium Astro & Astro on the GO?

Personally I think these two apps will save much hassle for me to get a TV for myself. I don’t need to queue up to book time of my house TV, quarrelling with my family just because of TV, or worse case go buy a new TV just for this tournament! All I need to do is to download the app, buy the sport pass and I’m set to ready for the kick-off!

Here are some quick guidance on how to purchase Astro Sports Pass, Pay Per View or watch selected matches for free with Astro on the GO (from the Media Press Release):

Understand that they are people here who still stick to the traditional way – watching football matches LIVE from the TV together with their family and friends. After all, this is the only time where you can gather around and cheer together. But I also believe that you can achieve the same effect by using their Stadium Astro & Astro on the Go!

Not to mention both apps are free to download!

So football fans, does this help you to solve your dilemma to watch EURO 2016 LIVE at the wee hour?!?

Both apps are available on iTunes and Google Play Store as per the following link:

Stadium Astro
iTunes -
Google Play Store -

Astro on the GO
iTunes -
Google Play Store -


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