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Monday, 27 June 2016

Noise Pollution in the House

And that's how, Ladies & Gentlemen, currently happened in my household at least for this month. Such a quiet, calm afternoon was destroyed by a mere football match -__-

Just realize I have not done a proper EURO 2016 introduction on my blog. Thanks to PC breakdown, WiFi breakdown, Noise Pollution in the House, basically nothing went right during the month of May till beginning of June, when comes to the time where finally I've got the time to settle down for some blogging business, the mood all gone. -___-

Ok la maybe I shouldn't put a blame on anything that went wrong. I've my responsible to answer all those pending post I yet to come it out.

Back to the EURO 2016, *retrieve mode on*

I don't know about you, but I just feel that the atmosphere for EURO 2016 is rather.... tame? It's as if the tournament is never existed (which is kinda sad lol). I was SO looking forward to its grant opening on 11th June, and even tried to psycho people around me to get into this game! But all I've got is France won the opening match and I've only had a cone of ice-cream from McD to celebrate with it.

I do hope this is not because I'm getting old and the excitement I used to have are gone.

Many thanks to Stadium Astro app (The coolest app ever!! You should get one!), I'm still manage to keep myself update with EURO 2016 news. I've also been sourcing for EURO 2016 videos I could find online, in order to revive the football fever atmosphere at least around me.

and this is one of the videos by Astro, which I find it creative:


In case you're not aware, yes I do watch football. My name speaks for itself! =) Girls watch football very weird meh?

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