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Thursday, 2 June 2016

Am I THAT Worse?

Her reaction got me into sudden self-reflection,

I don't blame her. After all, she doesn't know me well and tries to encourage me. It's just I felt sudden uneasy, that I've been labelled as boring, no life, giving up myself some sort of person lol!

Actually she's not the only one who came up and told me to mix around (fine lo I'm still single!). In fact, more and more people came and tell me the same thing, which I think this is something I ought to ponder about.

Anyway, I couldn't deny but to agree the 'give-up-yourself' part. All the while I thought I don't have any problem to mix around with new faces (except maybe for guys), until I've hit the wall at my old place, that I began to shut myself up in front of new faces. To tell you the truth, till this date I still have the shadow in my heart.

Whatever they did to me does leave a big impact in my life! (Not to mention that they are the prime cause to my decision to quit Chinese Blogging) No matter how many times my closed friends encourage and tell me how worthy I am, being a people-pleaser doesn't help much! I still care about what they think of me, how they think of me etc. Sounds silly isn't it?

Everyday I have to tell myself that this is a lesson learned, that I shouldn't be so naive anymore. This world is full of evil and you're no longer living in the fantasy world!

Thankfully, with my IT project starting this month, I probably don't have time to think it over. On top of that, after some reviewing sessions with my boss, I thought it's time for me to MOVE ON! Life doesn't stop here and I still have long way to go. If I still moan over my past, chances are I might loose the opportunity that God has given to me AGAIN!

Maybe I should not look at the outcome, and focus on the process. After all, I've learned a lot from the past few months. I learn to think mature, and started to love myself even more than before! This is something better than envy those glorious moment others 厚脸皮地 showing off about isn't it? 

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