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Saturday, 14 May 2016

Wakon Japanese Restaurant @ Damansara Uptown

*This is a Non-Halal Food Post!*

Another Damansara Uptown Food Review, hurray for PJ!!

Today I'd like to introduce another Japanese Restaurant I discovered in Damansara Uptown which turns out pretty awesome than I thought. Now I've the choice for my Japanese cravings if the lazy bug hits me and I don't want to drive all the way to Publika to fix with Tsubohachi (another great Japanese Restaurant you ought to give it a try if you don't. Full review here).

Wakon Japanese Restaurant Front at Damansara Uptown

We've an Izakaya Japanese Restaurant in Damansara Uptown! Located at the area of where awesome food is all about, Wakon Japanes Restaurant is set to bring in Izakaya Fine Dining experience to the neighbourhood.

The set up provides a comfort, smoothing feeling to me, like a little corner I could hide from all the troubles I got from work.

Which one would you like?

Hot Sake

Or Cold Sake?

The overall set up is pretty much like a mini Izakaya-interior feel, which speaks of reasonable food price they offer here.

Meet Sundy, the owner of Wakon Japanese Restaurant.

Being working in Hongkong as chef for many years, he decided to move his restaurant business to Malaysia as he felt in love with the laid back lifestyle here. He started up this Japanese Restaurant since 2014 and it has been running very well for 2 years. Customers here not only enjoy the wonderful dining experience his staff had executed, but also delicious food Wakon chef had made, hand-prepared from the start.

So why Wakon? You may have asked. I personally think their foods were too creative to be true. The flavour is there but I was amazed at how the chef could think outside of the box. Each food that comes out from the kitchen has its own innovation point, and that's how I've got an unique Izakaya experience in Wakon.

Here are the foods that totally blown me away (ok maybe not everything, but nearly all):

#1 Crab Roe Salad - RM 13.90

A rather refreshing salad that lifted up my appetite for more Japanese food. Look at that amount of Tobiko being served here! I just couldn't help to take them instead of the veges.

#2 Wasabi Gyoza - RM 14.90

Instead of having wasabi splashed on your food, how bout Wasabi Gyoza? The flavour is very mild which is acceptable to me. You're welcome to add more wasabi by your own, if you opts for more.

#3 BBQ Pork Belly - RM 6.90 per stick

I couldn't care less whether it will bring fat to my body, or cholesterol, because their pork belly is simply tender and chewy! Can't stop having for more.

#4 BBQ Pork Neck Meat - RM 7.90 per stick

A must-try pork neck if you are in Wakon. If you don't, well, it's just you missed trying out an awesome skewed dish with great texture.

#5 BBQ Squid - RM 18.90

Tender, chewy, well-cooked, needed I elaborate more?

#6 BBQ Brinjal - RM 9.90

A rather less soggy, surprisingly delicious dish simply because I hate binjal but I manage to eat them all up. More this for me, please.

#7 Mentaiko Chicken Wings - RM12.90 (1 set 2 pcs)

Never pass a chicken dish in Japanese restaurant. What's more they have those tobiko on top?

And to my surprise, they stuffed some mentaikos inside the chicken wing. How creative and thoughtful of them, I'm a big mentaiko fan! (and the flavour didn't let me down!)

#8 Black Truffle Mixed Handmade Udon - RM 46.90

This is a MUST.TRY.


Upon stirring and consume right away, I was so carried away by how well the truffles and tobiko mixed together with their cold, tender udons. Not many Japanese restaurants served truffles and this is the star dish that could give you a whole-new Izakaya experience.

Forget the price tag. You Only Live Once!

#9 Udon - RM 8.50

If you're not fancy about their skewed dish, their udons are equally good. You can try their tomato udons,

Or Tonkatsu Udon, which has the milk flavour that I adore.

Just like other Izakaya Japanese Restaurant, from the surprisingly yummilicious skewed food, creative Japanese food to huge range of beer to cater all kinds of customer, Wakon has it all! At Wakon, is about having the innovative spirit while keeping the Japanese tradition.

Wakon is having promotion! For purchase RM50 above, you'll get any non-alcohol drink for free. For purchase RM100 and above, you'll get a bottle of 300ml Sake for free.

Wakon Japanese Restaurant
No 75, Ground Floor, Jalan SS21/1A, Damansara Utama, Petaling Jaya, 47400 Selangor.
Tel: +603-7733 5996
Business Hour: 12pm - 3.00pm, 6pm - 11.30pm (Daily)

**Special thanks to Food Ink & Wakon for this kind review invitation! ^^

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