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Thursday, 19 May 2016

Say NO to Copycats!

It took me a while whether to write this post but I guess I just couldn’t stand seeing these copycats circulating around the net, showing off their proud discoveries and everyone should come and worship them. Thus, the result of this super lengthy post with possible grammar mistakes everywhere (if you ever spot one, please let me know I'll amend it right away) just because I thought this is much easier to express than over a comic.

In case you are clueless about, nope it’s not me who kena copied (either I’m glad that I’ve less one case to take care of, or I produce a shitty comic), this is just a rant over post about how I think people should respect the original works rather than some photocopied blogpost.

Anyway, here's the story:

Just few days ago I came across a local blogger FB page, pouring out her frustration over someone copied her entire blogpost without linking her back.

Out of curiosity, I went to compare both blogpost and I was total disbelief by what the copycat did: copied entire blogpost but credit back the author with just small, little, tiny blue words with no links at the end of the post, small enough that I didn't realize who the author was if I'm not reading carefully. WOW, like that also can ar?

Months ago a friend of mine came to me telling how dishearten she feels after finding out that someone copied her blogpost for countless times. Despite making the effort to approach the plagiarizer personally, the copycat seems doesn’t get any darn hint and continue her copy fantasy. Fun fact? The author earns way lesser FB likes compare to the copycat. Like, 5 times maybe? #OUCH

Seriously? If that’s the way I can earn 15k likes in my FB page, I won’t be suffering from sleepless nights just to come out a proper blogpost!

In this days where VISION is about everything, it’s not surprised when people judge you by the cover of the book. If I were the PR, I would choose to collaborate with a person with 24k likes of FB page as oppose to a blogger with 800 likes. Who cares what way he/she did behind to gain 24k likes? I could get more people to know about my new product! (Yea but that doesn't mean people will actually buy you! Malaysians are stingy people.) Just like getting a job where your interview performance is everything. Interviewers don’t give a shite about how lazy you are, how good you play politics and etc. As long as you have a killer resume with a proper outfit and fantastic interview performance, the job is yours!

Ok maybe this only happens in Malaysia.

Suddenly I remember this particular post from Audrey about how dishearten she feels when she founds out a PR company tried to summon a blogger to buy more FB likes, to seal a deal with their client. Initially I wasn’t quite get with these whole frustration thingy she pours out but now I finally understand. It sure makes those bloggers who went out putting lots of effort to maintain their blog, minus the plagiarism part of course, feel erm… silly? Why should I spent so much time to build a blog when I can buy LIKES?

Looks like bloggers are no longer about personal sharing.

Anyway, back to these copycaters. If you ask me, no matter how much you hate them doing this, ironically these copycats are very good in marketing their blogs. They are the experts in utilizing social media tools and having the ability to come out simple, friendly view post which would benefits for the readers. More like magazine writers to promote something, if you ask me.

Worse still, some of them even can play innocent by coming to you, claiming they are the victims of had their work plagiarized by somebody. Wanting to earn some sympathies from their friends kononnya.

Needless to say, being the Comic Blogger I would feel very sorry for those who had their work being plagiarized. I would probably feel the same way like these two local bloggers feel. Imagine you spent 3 days 3 sleepless nights just to come out a blogpost, and found out that the copycats plagiarized your work without linking back, and having he/she FB page shoots up more than you do because of your blogpost, how worse your days can be?

What I want to say, copycaters, have a sense of humility! Everyone has their own style, so does you, you can study them but you don't actually need to copy the whole thing! Sure the blogging world is tough, and you admire those successful bloggers who did so well in their life. I'm ok if you follow how others market their blog, or paid to FB to promote your page, or chasing after your blogging dream, but I'm definitely NOT OK if you copied someone's work from A to Z without giving credit back to them!

You can follow the footsteps of this blogger you admire, copied the way they write, live the way they are doing. You may have copied someone unintentionally but please lah at least give credit back to these poor bloggers!

If you think you are not good in writing, read more then! Not taking good photos? Practice more! Thinking that your blog doesn’t produce a quality blogpost? Study how other bloggers did! There always have room of improvement, why do you want to copy others without knowing if this would benefit or destroy you?

Maybe I’ve becoming an ancient history here. I actually missed those days where I’m free to express what I want in blog.With a put of hard work and dedication, you can actually get recognized, and have some readers talk to you! Unlike these days where blogs are well planned: It’s no longer a personal performance, but more like submitting articles to free online magazine.

It's sad to see one of the copycaters I known are actually talented in some ways, yet this person choose to copy. I was quite disappointed when I found out about it, and even disappointed that the blogging world has turn out to be how popular you are based on your FB likes, whether that person buy it or plagiarize people's work to pump in more LIKES!

Perhaps I should just concentrate fighting for my IT professional. Forget about all these making a living through blogging fantasy, maybe this isn't my cup of tea. 


  1. wow, do you mind to let me know which blog (copycat)? thanks.

    1. They have deleted the post dear. That's a very sneaky way of doing.

  2. Totally understand and agree about your sharing. I do not have blogspot copycats issue, but have copycats that copy my whole life style including what is my previous job, what I can do and even what is my current job in online industry. Like seriously?!?! Really make me feel sienz... =3= Anyway, thanks for the advise on giving credits to the original author when we sharing story. Credits to you as well as my life is way better now when get your advise on blogging industry. 😊

    1. OUCH, you must be feeling very awful, having ppl copied your stuff. Don't worry, people have eyes to see which is originally done. You've my support :)


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