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Monday, 23 May 2016

Captain America -- The Civil War

Maybe I'm the only weirdo here who enjoys popcorn over a movie. But hey, cinema in Malaysia produce one of the most delicious popcorns!! Why we never up-sell our popcorns to tourism one ar?

This movie is by far, the most blessed I've ever had. Just before its official release I went to its soft launch in Sunway Putra Mall, got touch with their merchandize, manage to bring home their limited edition tumbler, got photo-booted and here I am writing a post event + movie review rather than just get the ticket and I'm on my way to the cinema!

Ok, maybe the closest one is Kungfu Panda 3 but this is by far the most blessing I ever get!

I'm not much of marvel fans, nor I'm on any side team. So please don't drag me into this who-are-you-with saga, I'm just here wanting to taste TGV's popcorn! (they have the BESTEST popcorn in the world!!! Next post on this so stay tuned!)

Last month I accompanied blogger kakalina to attend the Cosplay Gathering Registration event:

How I'm glad to tag her along: I just love its set up! Everywhere is a photo session opportunity for people like me who loves to take picture. Very superhero and tech-ish kinda feeling!

There is this display status of Captain America for the fans to take a picture with him.

And if you are not with Captain America, there are few more superheroes for you to choose:

Are you on Captain America?

Or with Iron Man?

They have this model display unit which is available for sales. Some even cost up to RM 1k (!!!)

"We fight!"

Besides that, there are range of merchandise available. For Marvel fans, this place is surely made from heaven!

Watching trailer with other folks.

Brought you by TGV cinema, you got to book your ticket in advance on the event itself! TGV, you should do this more often! #BIGhint

For Captain America fans, this is surely something worth to keep for. And that popcorn! *saliva*

Photo booth session was available, too!

We are the Team Cap - Iron Man! (Except we pose at the wrong side)

Thank you Kakalina for her generosity to borrow me all her pictures!

Got my ticket and off we go to watch the movie!

So that's my summary of the movie review -- it was quite a confusing ending.

I mean, I do love every bits and pieces of the movie, like how awesome the visual and sounds is, how great each and every actors/actress did their job, how hawt Captain America is, everything is great except the ending! I wish the ending will be just like Batman vs Superman. I hate to have both superheroes fighting for one another and unable to resolve.

Anyway it's just a movie. Who knows, this is a continuous story? (Which I'm hoping for)

So a word of advice for me? Just watch it, and enjoy the movie over a bowl of popcorn! The ending may not be satisfying but it's a worth watching movie which could spikes up your ganjeong moments! Sometimes, it's the process that counts.

Thank you Sunway Pyramid and TGV Cinema for the wonderful movie tickets! I'd enjoyed my movie very much and at least you have given me a chance to promote this movie to my peers! =)


  1. truth be told I was massively disappointed by the movie! very little depth and plot development was horrible. loved capt's biceps though!!

    1. I second thought that! XD I thought the visual effect was good :)


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