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Monday, 11 April 2016

What Does Birthday Mean to You?

Well, the fifth point is my personal encounter. So....not really counted. XD

So today I'm celebrating my XXth of birthday, without a fantastic party along with a spectacular cake. Just simple, mundane working day.

Honestly speaking, I've been dragging myself to this day, to reluctantly accept the fact that I'm officially one year older without achieving any significant things in life. There are too many things I regretted not to do it when I was younger. Hence, when this significant date of mine comes, I'm just erm.. accept it unwillingly? LOL.

On the side note, God is always good to me. Just as I thought I will have one of the bluest birthdays ever, those warm and touching birthday message just keep flowing in on that day: WatsApp, calls, FB, some even scolded me for not putting up my birthdate on FB lol! Some even took the effort to celebrate with me (you know who you are). I feel warm to have people remember my birthday, and wishes me.

Thank you for those who had wishes me. What you did had brightened up my day! :)

On this birthday, I wish I for Health, Successful Career, and Just Be Happy! However, there's this typical wish I've made, which is just do it while you can! I've already wasted a quarter of my youth life without trying hard. Life is too short to live in sorrow and giving some excuses, and no one can predict what's gonna happened tomorrow. I want to make use of every single opportunity I had, and adopt the NIKE's famous slogan: JUST DO IT!

Of course, everything has boundaries, it's a matter of finding the balance point. 


  1. Dear, why you never draw our bombastic dinner. :(
    Two ladies makan so much lol

    1. Finally I am able to online. Sorry for the late reply dear. Probably will do it in separate post? ;P


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