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Tuesday, 9 February 2016

Ho Yeah 2016

Happy Chinese New Year everyone!!!

It's a second day of CNY and here I'm just back from my fathers' hometown, quickly switch ON my laptop without unpacking my luggage XD I guess this is what bloggers' life is all about: blog is more important than unpacking!

Which speaks of my messy room I'd here. You guys should come over to my house and judge yourselves! Unfortunately there'll be no angpao given out, as lao niang has no power to give out, yet. But if you would like to come over and hand me an angpao, I would gladly welcome your present. XD

What can I say about this year's CNY? Everything seems pretty routine until I realize the amount of cars in KL. Well, previously it was totally car less in KL when we got back here at the second day of CNY. But this time, I can see some cars moving around, traffic jams were form, stalls were mobbed by people. Perhaps there are many people going to work tomorrow, or economy isn't good, many people are back to KL earlier, or choose not to go back. Sigh I do miss the car less KL tho.

Hopefully the Monkey year will bring positive luck to all of us, and also Malaysia.

Before I off to go to rush my Chang Beer post (stay tuned!!), these are a few CNY wishes of mine I created to hope that it will come true this year. Ok lo more like last year punya pattern (source) but got twisted abit leh!!

Monkey please give us more luck!!

Ok THAT expression doesn't justify the words but I hope I can excel in the year of Monkey on every aspect. Jiayou!!

I wish for family & world peace, no fighting, no bombing, no war.

Most importantly, be happy!!!

What will be yours? Do share! 


  1. Gong Xi Fa Chai to you and your family.

    May health, wealth and happiness is bountiful

    1. Happy Chinese New Year to you, Mr Sia! May this year brings abundant wealth and great health to you and your family!

      Thank you for your continuous support, as always! :)

  2. Happy chinese new year
    im hoping for a fruitful year, full of good things and healthy living

    1. Hi Nesro, thank you! :) Happy Chinese New Year! May this year brings lots of blessings to you and your family! :)


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