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Wednesday, 20 January 2016

Bountifu Spring Celebration with Po The Kungfu Panda @ Sunway Pyramid

For some reason, I was drag along to attend this event. Nonetheless, it turns out a very fun day to be!

Anyway, for those of you who have slight idea about what is this BountiFu Spring Celebration with Po the Panda, here are some story behind:

"Have you seen my village?" was the question many Malaysians faced when they came across a walking panda in the streets of various areas of Klang Valley recently.

Two weeks ago, Po was seen going around the Kuala Lumpur city centre, Petaling Jaya, Subang Jaya and Shah Alam since the final week of December 2015. He was caught strolling at KL Tower, Zoo Negara, KL Bird Park, SS2 night market and the Kota Kemuning park amongst many other places.

Now, the huge panda will be greeting shoppers on weekends in Sunway Pyramid!

As it turns out, it was all a Lunar New Year campaign by the mall. The popular shopping mall has transformed its Orange Concourse into a scene inspired from Kungfu Panda 3, the latest instalment that features Po reunited with his family in the Panda Village.

Similar like the movie, the mall's BountiFU Spring Lunar New Year features the panda village nestled amidst the mountains, where a Chinese temple lies, surrounded by cherry blossom trees.

I was lucky to be invited to attend the press release of BountiFu Spring Celebration with Po the Panda, directly from Sunway Pyramid!! *At Cloud 9* Must have the hard work effort to put in in my previous posts.

With constant harassment from Kakalina & Betty my uttermost willingness, I therefore accept this invitation:

Once again, Sunway Pyramid, you never fail to amaze me with your beautiful CNY decoration every single year! 

So yea, pardon my non-cooperativeness.

Besides enjoying the wonderful sigh-seeing, there are few activities carried out during the press release:

Because I'd a horrible photography skills. 

After the long-queue, finally I manage to get one for myself!!

I must say, this uncle s very talented!

Dear Madam, will I earn more money this year?

At normal days, shoppers will also be delighted with a photo booth where they can take pictures with Po's family, and print immediately as souvenirs.

After a snap, you can request the staff to help you print how many copies, so each of us will get one copy. Cool isn't it? 

Pardon me, this is not for free. You got to make your purchase for these traditional Beard Candy and Ting-Ting candy.

Around 7.30pm, the event kicks-off!

"We have always been known as the place to go to for festive needs, for family reunions, and also as a place to spend quality time with family members," says Loo Hoey Theen, Senior Manager of Marketing for Sunway Pyramid. 

After Mr Loo's speech, next will be these cute little pandas come and invading Po's village:

Followed by the 2 lions:

(Hand Model: Kakalina)

Apparently the lions were full of mandarin orange he decided to give some to the children, and the public.


The party to celebrate Po finding the Panda Village was in full swing, with 38 children dressed in panda costumes and a huge "lou sang" session with the invited guests.

Not only that, we as the media editors are invited to join lou sang with them! Check this out, my first lou sang of the year! #mustbeveryhuatthisyear


Yes, the actual scenario is pretty disastrous.

Thank You Sunway Pyramid for inviting me to such wonderful event. I'd fun participating with different kinds of activities on that day! =)

Shoppers can also enjoy the Lion Dance performance every Sunway, as well as on both days of the Lunar New Year. The second day of the New Year will feature an Acrobatic Lion Dance show at the Main Entrance to bless the mall.

If you've miss meeting with Po and would like to meet with him one more time, fred not! He will be very happy to see you again! Here's his schedule:

As 2016 is the year of the Fire Monkey, the mall will be rewarding shoppers with adorable monkey plush toys. From the 8 till 21 of January, shoppers who spend more than RM 1000 in 3 receipts (RM 800 for HSBC cardholders) will be able to redeem the monkey plus toys, while those who shop from 22 January till 9 February will receive a mini Panda Blankie.

Throughout both duration, shoppers who spend RM 250 and above (RM 150 for HSBC cardholders) will be rewarded with JoyFU angpau packets.

For more information, please visit or visit the mall's Facebook page,

Special thanks to
Invitation: Sunway Pyramid
Comic Model: Kakalina, Betty, Adeline


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