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Thursday, 17 December 2015

Just Confirmed!

Oh my dear form, I've been wanting to get you for so long!

Getting more cheap shake to update my blog nowadays, even the idea for this comic was copied from this old blogpost lol!

I was supposed to be confirmed on 15 December 2015 but late to receive my letter of confirmation due to an important meeting falls throughout this whole week. Hence, here I am writing to you this back post. I apologize.

Anyway, I don't usually blog about work stuff. Quite sensitive to blog about work nia~ However, this confirmation meant lots to me, important enough to grant itself a blogpost right here. Initially I wasn't looking forward to start my job right away after I resigned from my previous company, due to my past experiences. What I didn't expect are the things I've learned throughout my 6 months of employment here, has completely changed my perspective of life. I feel like I've become the new me!

Here are some points which I've learned throughout this past 6 months:

#1 Learn to think a bigger picture.
#2 Learn to love myself more, which speaks of the significant additional of make-up tools.
#3 Be happy is more important than anything else.
#4 Your past built up what you are today.
#5 How a team behaves depends on how their boss treats them.
#6 Work is just work.

There are few more however, it's not convenient for me to mention it right here.

I never knew I was so simple, immature & narrow-minded all the while, until I came here. I'm not saying that my previous working place is bad. In fact, it had taught me lots of things, which built me to who I am today. I guess, it's all comes down to the right timing: when the right time comes, at the right place, everything just come to your way. Never would I expect that my past experiences would comes in handy, by blessing my current colleagues. This is something I never thought about it!

I really wanna Thank God for putting me to where am I today, to transform me to be a better person, in terms of life and work. At least I could justify this famous "everywhere is the same wherever you work" word, for people who just join work force or have not changed their job from the start. It all comes down to what you really want to achieve in life. I'm very blessed that God has helped me in my career pathyway. From a non-IT background to where am I today, this is something I couldn't have done it without God.

Besides that, after a few months of being alone, I finally have my lunch buddies!! (More like they pity me on eating lunch alone lolol!) Despite I'm still sticking around with what I'm believing, having buddies in your work place do make your work life much better. Another point I'd like to give praise to the Lord as I'm pretty erm... introvert. LOL.

Next year will be a tough year for me but I'm ready for the challenges. I always believe each tough time prepares me, to mould me to be a better, brighter & more mature person. Something which I'm aiming for. :)

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