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Thursday, 10 December 2015

Get Slim with TOTALIFE - Genetic Gene Power 28

It frustrated me much to see a number of cloths I used to love could not worn anymore. With quite number of food invitation I’ve received lately (not trying to boast here but that’s why blogger’s life is so awesome! XD), I admit that it’s my fault for the constant increases of my weight.

Most food bloggers I’ve encountered are very slim in real life, despite receiving countless of food review invitations more than I do. What’s your secret for getting to enjoy the food, yet able to maintain your figure, is beyond my explanation. Please tell me how could I stay slim, food bloggers?!?

Anyway, I know that my body has not reached to obesity level. Nevertheless, I'm well aware that with 1kg of weight loss, it will help to put my body into lesser health risk. I've tried my best to lose weight whenever I can, including rejected quite number of food review invitation lol.

Which is why, I'm very happy to find out that Totalife is organizing a slimming breakthrough session end of last month:

I was invited to TOTALIFE - Genetic Slimming Breakthrough session the other day, to understand the reason of obesity, ways of getting slim down and also the products Totalife could offer.

Obese people tried hard to restrain from eating but how to do if they just can't? Stimulate the longevity gene to effectively regulate 5 obesity types, advanced 4-step bio-technology health management system.

Totalife Gene Power 28 is highly effective personalized Nutrition management Programme catering to various type of obesity. Totalife International Group and Dr. Claire Lim have successfully invented The iFG-1 Fat Dissolving Regulator and iFG-2 Carbohydrate Elimination Regulator after years of intensive research.

Totalife's customer testimony. WOW I also want to be part of it!

Before the session kicks off, we've carried out OBG test to figure out what type of obesity category I fall in. 
Looks like I've got a man body lol. Well, I find most of it are true except I don't smoke and drink. Must be my eating habit that puts me where am I today. T______T

The speaker of the day.

So the speaker explains to us the 5 types of obesity (which I've got the apple one), and also provide analysis on the causes of we as human being, why gaining weight. Now I know where I should lose down, with immediate effect T______T

Besides that, Totalife offers range of products which could help your slimming process. Here are the products which may help on your Totalife Gene Power 28 program:

#1 TDS - Fat Burning
Effective body shaping with whey protein.

Special Feature
- Act as meal replacement
- Comes with 3 flavours: Soy Milk, Mocha and Apple to satisfy your taste buds
- 58 types of balanced nutrition
- Whey amino acids
- Low GI
- Fat Suppression Polyphenols
- Fat Elimination Factors
- Metabolism Factor

Four simple steps!

Pour your choice of flavour into warm water, shake it and consume it right away!

Taste wise? It tastes yummilicious! This is the first time I don't feel rejected towards a meal replacement. I'm now addicted to it! XD

#2 Fittache - Detoxification
Absorbs, binds & eliminates dietary fats.

Special Features
- High in fiber
- Reduce 35% calories absorption from food sources
- Neutralise and eliminate excessive fat

This is a star product! It helps in slimming, lowering blood pressure, cholesterol, body fat and enhances fat elimination. Awarded with 4 patents from the United States Patent and Trademark Office.

I was amazed by how this little product could sucks most of the oils/fats via the experiment they carried out. I seriously thought this could possibility benefit me much.

#3 Lipokleen A - Metabolism
Advanced blister packaging to prevent oxidation.

Special features
- Contain salmon fish oil, rich in Omega-3 essential fatty acids: DHA & EPA.
- Vitamin E acts as a fat solute antioxidant.
- Energise cell, convert nutrition into energy and boost body metabolism.

Honestly it taste very fishy when consume it. But I like it!
Some advice from the speaker: drink more water after consume it, so your breath doesn't taste fishy!

#4 GeneUp - Regulation
Personalized Genetic Slimming Success

Special Features
- Roselle polyphenols: contain anthocyanin, catechin, flavonoids and other polyphenols with antioxidant properties.
- Plant-based peptides: plant-based growth factors to stimulate key genes, boost metabolism and energise the body.

Totalife has Totalife Gene Power 28 schedule to assists your slimming program. 

And now, it's Giveaway Time!

As my awesome reader, you will get to redeem the GP28 goodies pack & OBG test! Limited goodies pack and OBG test. First come first serve. Simply by just log in to and key in with this code: GP28_1012.

Do start to get slim with TOTALIFE: the first genetic stimulation invention!

If you'd like to detox and get slim, check out how you can use coffee enema and colon cleansing here.

You won't want to end up like our hippo here, right? (or me, fine.)


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