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Wednesday, 4 November 2015

The Champ Kitchen @ Kepong

Actually I've been hearing good reviews from my friends, so I'm thankful to be invited for second food review of The Champ Kitchen. Not that I'm a big fan of pig, however, whenever there are awesome foods, there'll be Anfieldyee :)

Thanks to Openrice's invitation, Betty & Kakalina's (and my friend) hard-core recommendation, I'm able to make myself travel all the way to Kepong, to taste this everyone was talking about "The Champ Kitchen".

Located in the midst of industrial area Jalan KIP @ Kepong, The Champ Kitchen is not strange to many residents around that area. Though being surrounded by many choices of food, it doesn't hinder from becoming Kepongnian's favourite restaurant due to its yummy and aromatic foods served.

It's not hard to guess that their main ingredient is pork. Do you know every part of pig could be consumed? (Even its tongue can blow you away) I was being told that some parts could benefit our health, especially for girls.

(Taken from their FB page)

The current owner of The Champ Kitchen is the 4th generation. After going through rounds of modification and testing, each of the dishes becomes so unique of its taste.

(Taken from their FB page)

The special menu will be changed from time-to-time, to accommodate customer's choice.

Daddy I want one of this!

I was escorted to witness the process of cooking the pork leg. After removing the bone inside, they marinated it with their ingredients and had it cooked for 72 hours, that's 3 days 3 nights non-stop, allowing their porks absorb the ingredients.

The aftermath result, after being cooked for 72 hours. It does looks very bouncy and yummilicious, to me la.

Each pork leg will be cut into pieces to serve with rice / noodles / vege once the customer has confirmed their order. Of course, you are feel free to have the whole one pork leg to yourselves.

Before I got myself to food tasting, I've already sense the uniqueness of each dishes created here, strong aromatic and support from the patrons surrounded in this restaurant. It's rare to find such restaurant where they still stick with traditional way and constantly upgrading their menu, yet not loosing its original flavour to cater the busy crowd. I guess, it's not easy to achieve the traditional and modem ways of doing in between, and it makes me wanna get myself sampling their food any sooner lol! (white-mouse mood)

The Pork & Add-On

#1 Claypot Pork Knuckle - RM 28 (Small), RM 38 (Medium), RM 45 (Big)

Juicy, Tender, delicious, a kind of pork you will straight away give two thumbs to it!

#2 Pork Lark Rice - RM 3

With a bowl of rice, you can't get anything better than this!

#3 Crispy Pork Lard - RM 2

If your crispy pork lard is not enough, you can order an add-on.

#4 Ham Choy / Mui Choy - RM 3

What's like not having a bowl of Ham Choy?

#5 Lu Dan - RM 2

Perhaps one of their signature add-on dish. How they could make their egg hard outside, soft inside is simply beyond my understanding. You will get the liquid form of egg yolk flow outside once you had your egg cut.

#6 Fried Man Tao Bun - RM 3 (for two pieces)

Crispy bun paired with their sauce. Perfect for snack time!

And from here, we proceed to the main course!

The Rice Series

#7 Pork Hint Rice - RM 10

Admittedly I'm not a big fan of pork hint, but this just simply blow me away. I never know a pork, a egg, a bowl of rice and veges could pair so well! Get me more of this, please!

#8 Pork Knuckle Rice - RM 8

As mentioned above, I'm not a pork hint lover. But I will never say no to pork knuckle. Get me more of this also, please!

#9 Japanese Curry Pork Rice - RM 13

That Japanese Curry! T_______T They could make a fusion dishes such aromatic and tasteful!

#10 Slow Braise Beef Brisket With Rice - RM 15

If you don't like to have pork, how about trying with beef? Still good tho :)

The Noodle Series

#11 Pork Noodle - RM 8

Eating their noodle alone had taken my heart away. Smooth, bouncy, delicious, anything you can name it to define how yummy their noodle is!

However, I would advice you to take on the one with the ingredients, as the price is not that much different.
The available choices are such as:

#12 Pork Hint Slice Noodle (Dry) - RM 10 (Single Noodles), RM 12 (Double Noodles)

For Pork Hint lover

#13 Pork Knuckle Slice Noodle (Dry) - RM 10 (Single Noodle), RM 12 (Double Noodles)

For Pork Knuckle lover

#14 Pork Hint Slice Noodle (Soup) - RM 10 (Single Noodles), RM 12 (Double Noodles)

For Pork Hint lover who wish to have it in soup.

#15 Pork Knuckle Slice Noodle (Soup) - RM 10 (Single Noodle), RM 12 (Double Noodles)

For Pork Knuckle lover who wish to have it in soup.

#16 Spicy Pork Noodle (Soup) - RM 13 (Single Noodle), RM 15 (Double Noodles)

For spicy noodles lover.

Overall, I LOVE the noodles series!! I just don't know, but I find their noodles are so yummilicious! I've been taking it again and again and also trying to steal my neighbour's noodles and and...

*Back to food review*

The Olympic look lol. 

At The Champ Kitchen, you can find three kinds of Japanese noodles, namely Inaniwa Udon (White), Zaru Soba (Chocolate) and Cha Soba (Green).

The non-pork / side dishes

If pork does not interest you, The Champ Kitchen do provide wide range of non-pork dishes, such as:

#17 Japanese Slow Braised Beef Brisket - RM 20

Their beef is very chewy and smooth T______T I highly recommended this dish!

#18 HK Century Egg Cold Tofu - RM 12
       HK Century Egg Ginger - RM 6 (1 egg)

Love their tofu, soft and has cooling effect to ease the heaty part I'd from the pork dishes.

#19 Grill NZ Lamb Belly with Szechuan Pepper - RM 18

How their lamb can be cooked so chewy? T_______T

#19 Forever Young - RM 38

Black chicken feet, fish and mushroom together with the soup boiled inside coconut shell, to create its herbal flavour and retain its sweetness taste.  

#20 Grill Horse Mackerel with Szechuan Pepper Sauce - RM 15

I love how the fish meat mixed well with the sauce. Simply yummy!

#21 Minced Meat Tofu With Salted Fish - RM 12

This is a great side dish pairing with rice! I even ordered another bowl of rice just to wipe them all! XD

#22 Dang Gui Salted Chicken - RM 18 (Half), RM 33 (Whole)

Arguably can challenge Ipoh's Nga Choi Gai already LOL.

#23 Pork Neck Skewer - RM 9 (2 stick)

This is actually a pork side dish. Never knew its neck can be so delicious too! T______T

#24 Hot & Sour Mustard - RM 12

Sweet and Sour combi. Perfect dish to increase your appetite so you can have more pork.

#25 Minced Meat Omelette - RM 10

The minced meat was stuffed inside omelete, to create the fullness yet delicious feeling to the consumer.

#26 Soup of the Day - RM 8

A very healthy soup, if you ask me.

#27 Glutinous Rice - 6

I feel like celebrating Qu Yuan Festival with this dish!

#28 Slow Braised NZ Lamb Belly With Foo Zuk & Femented Bean Curd Sauce - RM 38 

As mentioned above, their lamb is so tender and chewy, so does this dish. T_____T
The only difference is this lamb was with tick sauce. Hence, it's also another perfect side dish with your bowl of rice. 

#29 Fish Seeds Bricks - RM 8

I personally think this dish is perfect for after meal. Taste refreshing from the top and crispy from the bottom.

#30 Wantan Soup - RM 20 (comes with 8 pieces)

Even their wantan can be so bouncy! T_____T

The Dessert Series

#1 Homemade Green Tea Ice-Cream - RM 5

I must say, their green tea is very refreshing, and concentrating. It doesn't taste full of vanilla flavour like I did outside. 

#2 Homemade Seasalt Ice-Cream - RM 5

I can taste the salt melted with ice-cream. This is my first time taste this kind of flavour. 

#3 Homemade Premium Truffle Bacon Ice-Cream - RM 16

RM 16 for one?!?! Yep, that's because you're eating Truffles!
This is also the first time I tasted such flavour and I LOVE it! Never know truffles can combine well with ice-cream and bacon!
Taste wise? Well... you feel meaty melts with your ice-cream?

Perhaps the most food tasting I've ever had so far, thanks for the owner's generosity! The staff were kind enough to explain to us on the ingredient made, to assists on our blog writing.

I must say overall the food is very satisfying! Me and Angel even plan to bring our Lifegroup members to visit this store again. We were kinda miss their pork and noodles XD

If you are reading until this paragraph, I'm sure you're a fanatic pork fan. Consider come to this restaurant, and I bet it won't disappoint you! :)

The Champ Kitchen (猪多宝)
19, Jalan KIP 1, Taman Perindustrian KIP, Kepong, 52200 Kuala Lumpur.
Tel: +603-62751919
Business Hour: 
Mon - Sat 11:30am-8:30pm (8.30pm Last order)
Sun & PH 10.30am-8pm (8pm Last order)


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