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Friday, 23 October 2015

Love your kidney!

Ever wonder how kidney plays an important role in your body?

It extract waste from blood,
It forms urine,
It balance your body fluid,
Controls your blood pressure,
Make your red blood cells, 
Maintain strong and healthy bones,

With kidney fails to function, the body dies without life saving dialysis!


To spark the awareness of importance of our kidney, Sunway Medical Centre in collaboration with the National Kidney Foundation (NKF) has recently launched an activity called 30 Days To Happy Kidneys Challenge.

The 30 Days to Happy Kidneys campaign and NKF

Aiming to get Malaysians to commit to take better care of their kidneys, the challenge features a 30-day calendar with a different daily activity that prompts members of the public to learn about kidney health and adopt kidney-healthy practices. The calendars are also being sold to raise funds for the NKF. Anyone who donates a sum of RM11 and above will receive one 30 Days to Happy Kidneys Challenge pledge card incorporating the calendar. Each card will have a unique serial number. The fundraising campaign will take place from 12 October 2015 until 17 January 2016. At the end of the fundraising period, Sunway Medical Centre will also make a donation to NKF matching the amount of funds raised from the public.

The campaign aims to raise funds to help NKF, from both the public and Sunway Medical Centre, to help support the cost of dialysis and other operating costs. Each patient is required to undergo 3 dialysis sessions every week for life, unless they undergo a kidney transplant. NKF helps over 1,600 patients annually and spends close to RM15 million a year subsidising dialysis, while the total operational costs are approximately RM30 million a year, including running 27 centres nationwide, expenses for public education programmes, welfare contributions for hardcore poor patients and their children, professional training for personnel, transportation for patients, and replacement of equipment. About 60% of NKF patients are with household disposable income of less than RM800 per month, while the other patients also fall into the low-income category. In 2015 alone, NKF needs to replace four reverse osmosis water treatment systems costing RM120,000 each, 10 dialysis machines costing RM45,000 each, and 20 units of other dialysis-related machines such as dialyser reprocessors or artificial kidney machines costing RM32,000 each.

The 30 Days to Happy Kidneys Challenge contest

A contest to further encourage members of the public to take up the challenge. Every day, members of the public need to perform the activity indicated on the calendar and take a creative picture showing this. On the same day, they should upload the photo on Instagram and caption it with a positive message and include the unique serial number on their pledge card, and tag it with #30daystohappykidneys and @sunwaymedical. Five mystery prizes given out per week. Participants can submit as many photos as they like and can win more than once. Photos with the highest number of likes will win. Grand Prize will be a flight tickets worth up to RM5,000 towards the end of the contest period.

A participant who has participated in the 30 Days to Happy Kidneys Challenge contest will be selected through a random draw of serial numbers and be required to answer 3 questions on kidney health correctly to receive the Grand Prize. So, get more pledge cards and start participating in the daily challenge to stand a higher chance of being selected!

The last day of the contest will be on 15 November 2015 – to allow more time for collecting likes. This follows Sunway Medical Centre’s World Diabetes Day celebration on 14 November at Sunway Pyramid.


The pledge cards are available for donors at Sunway Medical Centre and during the World Diabetes Day roadshows by SunMed at the following locations:

  • Sunway Carnival Penang (Oct 17)
  • Menara Sunway Bandar Sunway (Oct 27 to 29)
  • Blue Concourse Sunway Pyramid (13 to 15 Nov)

For every Ringgit donated, Sunway Medical Centre will match the amount.
Alternatively, you may also donate online at

Our kidneys do an amazing job. It is important to care for them! With your RM 11, you could make a difference in the lives of thousand kidney patients in Malaysia! 


  1. The comic is so lovely and cute! Agree! Together we make a difference! Let's do it! ;)

  2. good to do it for good cause, and win great prizes at the same time :D

  3. everyone should join the challenge!! lets take good care of our kidney together!

  4. love your kidney before it's failing on you!! Should do before everything's too late. :)

  5. Sunway had do their part to create awareness on the important of our kidney. Thumbs up.

  6. Good campaign. Very important to take good care of the kidney.

  7. Very good initiative by the government ! Will look out for my kidney too!

  8. Love Kidney u draw so cute :D Good awareness about the health of kidney u promote

  9. I heard that there is an event in Sunway Pyramid today. Will you be there too? :)

  10. This is a very good initiative and the drawing is so cute. haha!

  11. Very good initiative. Thank you for sharing. Did you went to the event?

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