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Saturday, 3 October 2015

Coffee Me Darling @ SS2, Petaling Jaya

Ok I've too much into Café Waiting Love. You know, that movie 等一个人的咖啡 by Giddens Ko?

This probably my countless time of food reviews with Food Ink (Best Supporter I might add). They are having quite number of food tasting sessions in September 2015 and since I'm quite (erm) free? I join them all! Coffee Me Darling is one of their September 2015 event.

Let aside, here is my review on that day:

ss2 cafe coffee me darling

Hidden in the ever busy SS2 neighborhood, Coffee Me Darling is one of the most lovable café you can ever get. Right here, the owner, Alex treats every single of his guests as his darlings. Right here, you not only get to be pampered by their awesome coffees & services, but dwelling yourself in a nice, cozy environment.

Coffee Me Darling offers simple and cozy interior: Bright unique light bulbs hanging form the ceiling shining the whole café. Right besides the extrance door, there is a high chair bar area for the customer to seat in.

The cafe operates from 8am until 12am. Hence, you are very much welcome to enjoy your breakfast and coffee here preparing for the day to come, and your last supper before the day ends.

Operating under a year, Coffee Me Darling has already set their name in some of the major event. The barista has just crowned champion at the latte art throw down tournament very recently. Not just the coffee looks good, it tastes as good as it looks. Alex has improvised the coffee bean used ever since the café is open. Compared to the unique taste from the previous bean, the darlings now prefer the slightly nutty blend in Coffee Me Darling.

Yep, it's Pork Free.

I've been hearing reviews about how great their coffee is from a friend of mine. Hence, we started with ordering their drinks:

Toufufa Latte - RM 12.90

This is probably the coffee you cannot find anywhere else. It has become Coffee Me Darling's special drinks.

If you notice carefully, the taufufa was seated right beneath the coffee. Whether this will be a good coffee is all depends on how the barista was able to make a good upper part of latte :)

Attempt to korek out the taufufa

What do I think? I personally think it's not a good combination. The taufufa does not taste sweet as I thought but the latte was good. Which that brings me to my next drink:

Cafe Latte - RM 10

My friend recommended me to try Coffee Me Darling's latte, so my aunt ordered it.

So... I no need to elaborate more hor.

The none-coffee drinks

1) Kiwi Green Apple Slush - RM 13.90
2) Wensberry Bliss - RM 13.90
3) Orange Yogurt - RM 12.90
4) Forest Almond (Blended) - RM 14.90

These are the drinks recommended by Coffee Me Darling, and they were good!

Alright, the moment of tasting time!

#1 Wild Mushroom Soup – RM9.90
     Cauliflower Soup – RM9.90

I prefer the wild mushroom soup. I find there was too much of olive oil inside the cauliflower soup.

#2 Big Breakfast – RM21.90
a. Select scrambled / poached / sunny side up
b. Select Vienna sausage / turkey ham / beet bacon / smoke salmon

nice big breakfast ss2
I think the croissant and eggs were not quite soft. However, some food inker likes it so maybe this is just my problem. 

#3 Egg in a Basket – RM12.90

The name itself is very cute! It's not my favourite as I find the bread is quite hard. Nevertheless, it's worth dish that able to share with a group of people as it's quite full-filling.

#4 Tengku Tan Benedict – RM15.90

The aunt think that the egg were not that soft but I find it acceptable. At least we can able to cut and share it with others lol. 

By the way, their eggs were good.

#5 Minestrone Soup with Penne – RM12.90

At first I was quite skeptical about how watery their sauce is. After some clarification, I get to know that it's a soup. Because of this, it doesn't have the strong tomato flavours which I hate. I love this dish and I recommend it to you!

#6 The Ikan Percik with Lemongrass Pilaf Rice – RM22.90

Another recommended dish. All are good under this one plate.
Best consume fish with rice and egg to get the better taste.

#7 Grilled Chicken with Oregana Mushroom Sauce – RM21.90

Loveeee how juicy and tender the chicken is! Although I find that it's a weird combination with mushroom sauce. Anyway, the chicken pretty much had covered up other elements so overall it's a good meal to go for.

#8 Turkey Ham Carbonara – RM21.90

This is my favourite!! One of the best carbonara pasta I've ever tasted! I'm saying this is because their sauce was not thick and salty, just perfect for this little cabonara fans. I highly recommended!

#9 Lotus Root Chips with Watch Curry – RM8.90

It's like chips but in a healthy way. Dip it with the sauce, it doesn't kill off the lotus root flavour, and it's not salthy. I recommend this, too!

Behold, Coffee Me Darling's star dish:

Dessert: S'mores Dip - RM 15.90

ss2 desert s'mores

I never knew how simple an elements can be turn up so well by putting at the right place. Notice the bowl of marshmallow? Underneath lies a hot, rich chocolate that keeps the marshmallow melt and warm while consuming it. Topping with strawberries & blueberries with the biscuit, it's just like having your favourite childhood dessert!

The other food inker help to distribute.

I really love the dessert! I think this is more than enough for me to come back more often lol! To tell you the truth: I notice that each and every table were having this. That's just show how popular S'mores Dip is.

After we done our tasting, it's our usual story time:

This is Alex, owner of Coffee Me Darling.

Visioned that he always wanted to open a cafe during his student time, he emphasized more on great ambient, in the hope that customers will come back to have a place for chill, a mini-getaway.

The concept behind Coffee Me Darling is to treat each and every customer a darling. The food may bring people's heart back but service and environment plays an important role in winning people's heart. People will still come back to you if you treat them nicely. This is what Alex currently aiming for.

This is his team (except the girl in this picture): the chef and barista. 

We keep praising how awesome their coffee is. Hence this award wining barista went on to show how good he is. 

My self-made #foodcomic on how to make a latte/cappucino lol

Donut Cappuccino

The Green Tea Latte he specially made for us.

By looking at the foam, you can already know whether this drink is good or not.

To sum things up, if you are seeking for a chill and cozy place to hang out over a cup of coffee, being wanting to be treated like a darling, come visit Coffee Me Darling!

If you're in the area, check out Two Pesos which is also situated in SS2. Full review of Two Pesos here.

coffee me darling store front ss2

Coffee Me Darling

No. 153, Jalan SS2/24 Petaling Jaya, 47300 Selangor
Business hours : Tue - Thu : 8.00 am - 12.00 am Fri - Sun : 8.00 am - 1.00am
Tel: 0173776101

Price Range: From RM 8.00 - 25.00
Service: Self Service
Halal: Pork Free
Parking: Off Street
Reservations: Better
Wi-FI: Available
Payment method: Cash
My Recommended: Smores Dip, Lotus Root Chips, Carbonara Turkey Ham 
Additional Info: Air-conditioning, Smoking area & No Pets Allowed

Thank you Coffee Me Darling & Food Ink for having me to taste your wonderful coffee and foods! ^^
华语版本的 Coffee Me Darling 可参考 咔咔丽娜 文章.

If you love to eat, and do own a blog, come join as Food Inker. Food Ink will organize food tasting event every month, which opens to food inkers only! Seat comes by first booked, first served basis.


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