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Saturday, 31 October 2015

BWB Flaming on Table @ Desa Sri Hartamas

That's how I feel when I didn't get to taste the best part of the dishes. T______T
I've to leave earlier to fulfill my cinderella's duty lol.

Nevertheless, I still able to taste some good food on the food review, many thanks to the boss's generosity and Open Rice! At least it doesn't make me feel so utter bad not be able to taste their star dishes.

So yeah, this post has to blog out, to fulfill my duty after tasting their foods:

Located at the ever happening Desa Sri Hartamas, BWB Yakitori Bar is set to impress their customers with their unique presentation yet yummy food, and cozy, lively environment with rock music. If a glass of beer is not enough to satisfy you, how about having your food burning lively?

And that's how BWB Yakitori Bar got its name upgraded to BWB Flaming on Table.

Yep, you got me here. As illustrated on my comic above, their main dishes here able to set on fire! Before I went into that more detail, allow me to show you the food they served us on that day:


#1 Tri Pieces - RM 30

From left: Marinated Jelly Fish, Tiny Octopus and Tubor Shell
Three of these dishes taste very refreshing! It does lifted up my appetite for my next dish!

#2 Secco Seppia - RM 12

Taste like the one we have for the prawn snack in long, thin shape?

#3 Salted Shrimp - RM 12

Abit salty in my opinion. Nevertheless, it's a good appetizer for your next dish. 

#4 Grilled Octopus - RM 26

That piece of octopus (white one) is DA BOOM!! So smooth and chewy. Me LIKE!

#5 Piccant Mussles - RM 18

To me it taste like tomato sauce right on top of mussels. However, the sauce is very sweet and refreshing!

#6 Kaki Niniku - RM 14

Not my favourite dish because I find the oyster was quite little. Some other bloggers enjoy it due to its combination of oyster and well-cooked cheese. If you are a cheese person, you probably will love this!

#7 Chicky Chicken - RM 12

My favourite dish among all! How do they cook that chicken so crispy and yummy? T______T

#8 Piccolo Pizza - RM 4

Love this mini mushroom pizza! Not only healthy, and it's just RM 4 only! #saywhaaaat

#9 Beef Roll - RM 24

You don't get the beef inside, but outside: wrapping around the mushroom. Interesting isn't it?

#10 Oyster Box - RM 6 per piece

Now now you may think it's so pricey but that's just for the look. Try it, and you will know whether if it's worth the money. (Crispy outside, tender inside)

#11 Sizzling Seafood - RM 30

Make sure you had it before it turns cold!
There are different kinds of seafood inside this plate. Each of them are equally yummy so you don't need to be so hard of yourself, trying each and every seafood lol. 

#12 Zuppa Di Fungo - RM 18

The name itself won't help you to let you know this is a mushroom soup. And it taste yummy!

#13 Knuckle Bun - RM 10

Crispy bun with pork and a piece of vege between. Get me more of these please!!

#14 Funky Fries - RM 20

The name itself speak for its presentation. 

#15 Soda Prawns - RM 38

I luvvvvvvv the prawn!! and the scallop there! And and *BURP*

I didn't realize that I ate so much of appetizers. I literally left no room for more food.

Main course

#1 Yasai - RM 4 per stick

They have Garlic, Leeks, Shitake (some sort of Japanese mushroom), Asparagus and Okra (lady finger). 
Mushroom was my favourite among all!

#2 Kaisen & Sakana

Clockwise: Sazae Niniku (RM 12), Unagi (RM 12), Ebi Niniku (RM 10), Shisamo (RM 4, I loveeeee their shisamo!!) and Salmon (RM 10)

#3 Kamo, Butaniku, Gyu & Hitsuji

Clockwise: Kamo (RM 8, my favourite!), Bacon Cheese Asparagus (RM 14), Wagyu Fuwagua (RM 24), Bacon Enoki (RM 8) & Wagyu (RM 16).

They serve the best beef here! Taste very juicy and tender. It doesn't feel so hard like I always had in other restaurant!

#4 Tori

Left: Tsukune (RM 10), Bonjiri (RM 4), Yaki Tori (RM 5), Sunagimo (RM 4) & Tebaski (RM 8) 

Tebaski is my favourite! It taste very crispy!
Bonjiri also not bad, although I find it quite salty lol.

For Tori skewed, it's advisable to deep with that sunny looking sauce to get the maximum taste.

And from here, I left the restaurant. After that, I read from Kakalina's blog and only found out that there are soooo many star dishes I've left out!!

Dishes I've missed out

#5 Flaming Ocean Trout - RM 42

#6 Flaming Tiger Prawn & Scallop - RM 48

#7 Wake Up Sheepy - RM 48

#8 Angry Bird - RM 35

#9 Crazy Cow - RM 48

And all these were supposed to be BWB's signature dishes! T_______T
She and Betty kept talking about it non stop during our next meet up. T_______T

Anyway, credits to Kakalina who is very kind to let me use her photo. You can also check out her blogpost on BWB (in chinese version). She has the fantastic writing and photography skills!! Read her blog, and you won't get disappointed! ;)

Overall, I find BWB is full of excitement and creativity. Not to mention the food was awesome! Bored of your usual hangover place? Why not give BWB Flaming on Table a chance to excite you?

BWB Flaming on Table
No. 10, Jalan 27/70A, Desa Sri Hartamas, 50480 Sri Hartamas, Kuala Lumpur
Tel: +603-6206 3800
Business Hour: 12pm - 12am (Daily)

Special thanks to OpenRice for inviting me to such awesome place for food review! ^^

**华语版本的可以参咔咔丽娜的 BWB Flaming on Table 哦~**


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