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Thursday, 24 September 2015

Hana Dining & Sake Bar @ Sunway Pyramid

Well, I never dine into a place where they serve beers/cocktail/sake and sushi. That's why I find Hana Dining & Sake Bar's concept is rather interesting:

Established since July 2015, it has caught many attentions of social medias and gain positive reviews from their patrons. Inspired by the concept from Taiwan's famous Aplus Dining Sake Bar, Hana offers a wide range of Japanese fusion cuisines as well as the sakes.

There is this huge collection of sake rack just on my left side of the walkaway.

You have to go through their small walkaway to dine into Hana Dining. From there, you'll find yourselves in T-junction:

The left side will leads you to the Bar Area. This is for hangover people.

Oh yes, you are!

Right side is the Dining Area. Calm and chilling, perfect for family group. 

We were escorted to the dining area so we could carry out our blogger duty.

Of course, Hana will still be able to bring your sake & meals together to either of this dining areas. Customers are free to choose which area to dine in.

Drinks ordered by food inkers. From coffee to cocktail, Hana got it all!

In terms of food, Hana has over 60 types of sauce and condiments, featuring 130 types of dishes and 28 sets of valued meal. All the ingredients and recipes either come from Taiwan or air-flown weekly from Japan. With the freshest ingredient used, some very exquisite ones too, all items in the menu is crafted perfectly and beautifully.

Some foods will need a final touch once it arrives on your table, with purpose of enhancing the taste of your food. All foods in Hana are carefully paired with different ingredients according to the taste, texture and colour.

1) Salmon roll on fire 鮭魚火焰卷 - RM28

When the first dish came, we were been told that the chef needs to perform a final touch:

With the chef's final touch, I can taste the burning sensation from the sushi. Its outer layer melts inside my mouth, giving me a warm and fresh feel.

2) Squid stuffed with Preserved Cucumber 霜降中卷佐黃瓜 - RM25

Would you believe its outer later is actually a squid? I love how chewy and bouncy it is! Highly recommended!

3) Oyamaimo Shake Maki 山药鲑鱼卷 - RM32

I didn't get to try this sushi as it was quickly taken by the food inkers T______T 
I heard that it was very delicious! (Some food inkers claim that this is her favourite of the day.) How can you say NO to those salmon?

4) Charcoal Cheese Special California Roll 炭烤起士加州卷 - RM25

If you are a cheese lover, you probably will like this. Pairing with cheese on top of your california roll, my kind of heaven!

5) Chef’s Olic Tuna Marinate 橄榄蒜香腌白鲔鱼 - RM25

This is my favourite! How does the chef able to prepare such a fine, smooth, refreshing tuna?!?

6) Hawaiian Shake Harasu Maki 夏威夷风情卷 - RM33

Behold, the star of the dish. Highly recommended by Stella!

Now I understand why Stella advices us to consume the sushi right away. Especially with this one.

I think I've left my Hawaiian Sakae for too long, that I've only manage to taste the cooling part of its salmon (not sure if it's salmon, but it's the thickest, yet delicious & freshness salmon I've ever tasted!!), and also the warm center part. According to Stella, the center part was suppose to melt the whole sushi when it's still in heat, creating a heavenly taste inside your month.

Oh well, guess I've missed it. But still, the salmon is DA-BOOM! I highly recommended this dish. Make sure you take it right away within 3 minutes!!

7) Engawa don 鰭边肉丼 - RM38

And also the eggs. It does pair well with the rice I don't feel it's just another ordinary don.

8) Seaweed boletus pasta 昆布牛肝菌寬麵 - RM18

Some sort of Japanese + Italian fushion. The noodles were smoothly made.

9) Deep fried nanban chicken 南蛮炸鸡 - RM18

If you are craving for chicken, try this. Not too salty and oily, you'll never be disappointed!

10) Crispy Cod Fish layered with sweet potato 鳕鱼地瓜禅扬 - RM28

I had to quickly grab it as it was taken up very quickly. Its crispy layer and sweet potato part were paired so good T_____T

11) Grilled Lamb English cut with ponzu soy sauce 柚香薄荷沙朗羊 - RM38

Juicy, tender lambs, couldn't resists the temptation!

12) Japanese Style Crab Meat Omelet 蟹肉玉子烧 - RM22

My another highly recommended. How can the omelete be cooked so smooth?!?

13) Crispy Salmon Skin Salad 香脆鲑鱼皮沙拉 - RM25

A salad is a must to enhance my craving for food. I want more of that crispy salmon skin, please.

14) Layered chicken and egg teriyaki 新日式照烧鸡 - RM10

Doesn't it looks like a layered cake? It's consists of chicken and egg. I personally like this dish as the taste are rather acceptable to me. However, some food inkers doesn't like it. 

15) Cold Udon with seafood and sesame sauce 海鲜胡麻凉面 - RM12

Right beneath the cold udon is a bucket of ice, with purpose of retaining its cooling effect of udon. Mixing with the sesami sauce, it creates bouncy and refreshing feelings inside your month. 

This is Mr Eddie, CEO of Hana Dining & Sake Bar

Mr Eddie personally loves beer. Combining with his love for Japanese cuisines leads him to open up Hana Dining & Sake Bar. With his half-Taiwanese background, he has been making countless trips to Taiwan, to search for the best Japanese cuisines, to fulfill his vision to open a Japanese fine-dining restaurant in Malaysia. One day he found Taiwan's famous Aplus Dining Sake Bar, discussed with its founder Mr Eric Lee, and the rest is history.

To order to enhance customer's dining experience in Hana, they even had private VIP room, subject to booking. The gigantic poster shows their best selling sake bear, comes with RM 290 for one! According to Mr Eddie, it has been sold out within a couple of weeks.

Together with Mr Eddie's partner / COO of Hana Dining & Sake Bar, Mr Jon, they will make a twosome team!

If you are having a special occasion, come visit Hana and discuss with the staff. They are more than delightful to customize a Omakase lunch or dinner according to your budget. To secure some rare Japanese ingredient, do come visit Hana at least five days ahead for the kitchen to have sufficient time to prepare your food.

If you are a hangover person, or wanting to experience a different kind of sushi, or both, come visit Hana Dining & Sake Bar to experience the differences!

Do check out Izakaya Kushi Raku at TTDI for great Japanese pub grub and drinks. Full write up here.

Hana dining sake bar

Hana Dining + Sake Bar

OB2.G.U1, Oasis Boulevard, Ground Floor, No.3 Jalan PJS 11/15,
Bandar Sunway, Sunway Pyramid, 47500 Selangor
Tel: 03-56240888

Business hours:
Sunday to thursday
(Dinning area) 11am -3pm, 6pm - 11pm
(Bar area) 11am - 11pm
Friday - Saturday
(Dinning area) 11am - 3pm, 6pm - 11pm.
(Bar area) 11am - 1am.

Price Range: RM 8 - 80 (personal budget RM 30 - 60)
Payment: Cash, Credit Card
Halal: Pork-Free
Additional Information: Free Wifi, Air conditioning, Smoking Area, No Pets Allowed

Special thanks to Hana DiningFood Ink for inviting me to this different kind of food tasting experience!
*华语版本的 Hana Dining 可以参考 咔咔丽娜 文章.


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