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Saturday, 25 July 2015

Strangers At 47 @ Section 17, PJ

Well, you could have say NO in the first place.

Anyway, this is the details of why we are here:

Due to its awesome location (which is SO near to my church XD), I could say I'm a proud returning customer. Thanks to my sister and churchmates's recommendation, I get to taste many kind of good foods Strangers had offered.

This is one of the cafes I don't mind coming back again and again. Perhaps the price is unreasonably high, but their savory meal is unreasonably full feeling! Just order 1 savory and 1 sweet meal (or 1 sweet meal and a cup of matchacoco), and you'll get an enjoyable dining experience here. A slip of coffee with a good book, now that's my kind of heaven *ahhhhhh*

Anyway, back to the topic.

Since I've never tasted A Hen's Crush, I thought this would be an awesome opportunity for me. Like the above comic illustrated, I grab my sister to join with eme this food tasting!

Strangers at 47 store front
She had to queue up for me while I'm finding a good parking spot. 

There's only one catch: You have to dine in to enjoy this promotion.

So it was unreasonably crowded on that day. 

We have to queue up to 1 hour to dine in T____T

Plus, I heard that A Hen's Crush is gonna sold out soon. It would be bad if I turns out queuing up for nothing! T______T

I love this quote. I think it's lovely!

Finally we were directed to the available table. I immediately asked the waitress whether A Hen Crush is still available and was over the moon the moment she said YES.

strangers at 47 menu
The Menu (or rather, the savory menu XD)

So these are the meal we ordered that day:

Water - FOC
The staff were busy so I took it by myself.

Matchacoco - RM 11
Their signature drink. However, I find its green tea flavour was stronger than the other day. It pretty much covered up the chocolate taste. Else, it's really good.

Sweet Potato Fries - RM 7
Their signature snack dish. I don't fancy sweet potato but this dish proves me wrong!

Finally my A Hen's Crush came! A dish which caused me to wait for more than an hour.
Original price RM 17, Promo price RM 1. Mad worth not?!?

If this were made by those part-time non-culinary students, I must say, the food preparation procedure of Strangers is simply amazing!

What's your secret that making me to come back everytime?!?

What makes Strangers so special is their crepe dish. Usually a fine dining cafe offers those western ingredients (eggs, hams/bacon, sausage, salad, sandwiches, spaghetti etc) but you get crepe here. When you think of crepe, probably what comes into your mind right away is breakfast or lunch. But not for Strangers. You can now have crepe for your dinner! It'll make you unreasonably full feeling. Yes, unreasonably again.

Ok I'm making an unreasonably assumption here. The secret of making us so stuffed is the cheese slided inside the crepe. You know how cheese could make you feel so full.

Lesson learned: Next time I'll order 1 savory dish for just 2 person.

Looking at this bill feeling so Laugh Out Loud. 

Thank you Strangers at 47 for this awesome promotion. Looking forward to the next promotion so that I can enjoy all your foods! ^_^

If you're in the area, check out Malgudi @ Section 16 for semi-fine dining Indian food! It's only a few minutes drive from Strangers at Forty 7. Full review here.
Strangers at Forty 7

47, Jalan 17/45, Section 17
Petaling Jaya
Selangor Darul Ehsan
Business hour: 11am - 10 pm (Close on Tuesday)
Tel: +60 3-7497 2409

Food budget tips
- Order 1 savory and 1 sweet meal for 2 person is more than enough, as their savory is very full-feeling.
- Water is Free Of Charge!

If you are looking for something special with relaxing atmosphere, this is a place for you.
I'll definitely come back for another round! On one condition, which is to find another food kaki to join me. XD

By the way, I'm not finished yet!

Here are some of food and beverage I've tried out, in case you ask:

Latte - RM 9
Not one of the great coffee out there but not too bad, with that kind of price. 

Mocha - RM 10
Just another Mocha but still not too bad, with that kind of price.

Shore to Please - RM 21.50
If you are a prawn lover, spinach lover, salted egg yolk lover, crepe lover, you gonna try this!

With that amount of ingredients, how could you say no?
But beware, you will feel very bursting later.

Purple Rage - RM 9
I was being told that those purple colour thingy were made out of yam. WOHOOO more yam please!!!

I'm not done yet, Strangers! I've yet to taste your Matcha Latte everyone was raving about so this will gonna be a TO BE CONTINUE post! (Muahaha)


  1. Totally hate long queues but both of you had a great experience, right? Till the next offer!

  2. Near to your church? You attend DUMC, dear? Hehe. Sorry off topic :P By the way, my favourite there is Shore to Please. Love it! And glad you managed to get a table in the end haha.

  3. OMG the price for all these meals look reasonable, feel want to try it out there one day with bf! Thanks for great sharing :D

  4. Walao eh bo jio me. :( Their Latte looks great. :)

  5. Nice... I know where we'll be going for dinner tonight! RM2 for 2 plates of chicken... oh if only I knew earlier!

  6. i love this place alot and the owners are super friendly :) do try other flavours of crepes too, they are really good!

  7. RM1?? Of course it's worth it. haha! And look at those nice presentation and reasonable price, no wonder you keep coming. Well, I would. :D

  8. i'm a big yam lover and the crepe does look amazing! hope they will have another promo soon. hehe.

  9. Think I go there quite a few times, but never really bothered to know the name cause my friend's the one that lead the way. HAHA their cofee is just ok la.

  10. Wow... Long queue for great food. Sweet Potato Fries looks simple and nice. Price affordable too.

  11. Tak ajak.. I stay near there only.. not manager to enjoy RM1... sob..sob...haha

  12. matchacoco sounds like an amazing combination. I must give that a try! But well, it would be worth it queuing long if the food is good.. :)

  13. This is so near my place and I haven't visit yet! Look like not bad.

  14. OMG I love YAM hehehe! The price is so cheap ler and can have such full meal is really so worth ler =D

  15. Love seeing your cute comics Andie! Does it usually take long to draw them out?

  16. The food and drink looks very delicious to me. I want to try the Sweet Potato Fries.

  17. Wah so long the queue, you guys really have the great patience ;)

  18. Oh wow.... my husband will scream at me if I went and queue up for something so long..... huhuhu you are so patient....

  19. I love your animation ! I would like to try the food someday

  20. the hen's crush is definitely worth it for the long mad queue, and they have other amazing food to offer so why not.

  21. The shore to please looks so yummy. Would love to have a bite of that!

  22. the purple rage.. i didnt know yam can be made into such a nice dessert


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