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Wednesday, 17 June 2015

The #FatDieMe Week

So last week marks my last week of this company I've been working for the past 4 years.

And also the week where all my workouts were not so in vain.


Allow the pictures to speak for itself:

It all started with free Green Tea Chip Frappuccino (the BEST Frapp you can get!!) from someone who already lost his bet but still don't want to admit that he's on the losing side! -_____-

Early farewell lunch with le boss and 2 colleagues @ Kissaten, muah Fav! ^^

Japanese Chocolate bars from my colleagues! I LOVE IT Thank You!! ^^

Big portion of Phad Thai from Piccadily, my team's treat! 
Actually there's twisted fries but it's not in this picture. Too lazy to take. 

Had always wanted to try out Departure Lounge's Spaghetti so here I am even though I knew I'm going to have a #FatDieMe week ahead!

A fail attempt Curros by Sister Xin but she insists me to try.

Next day, the lunch-saga goes on:

Craving for Yong Tao Fu but here I've got the one with lousy curry! Sorry won't come back for another plate.

Went to Piccadily again! This time, I ordered a sweet overdose Ramen.

Next time I try their fried rice lah. #betterchoice

Manage to sabotage 2 colleagues to help me on my minions collection lolol! MINIONS KUUUUUUUU!

List of chocolate and tibits from Australia.

At this stage I began to feel like surrendering my white flag here...

A piece of SR cake from my colleague on my last day of work. Apparently this is a trap that executed well at the end lol! #blurolme

Actually there were 2 more cakes given by colleagues but I didn't manage to snap a picture of it. 

Hence, I've received 3 cakes in total, more than I received on my birthday! @_____@

The surprisingly good boat noodle at Puchong. Forget about boat noodle's RM1.90 per plate, you guys should try this one!!

Lunch treat by colleague at Ah Pek's Kopitiam, cooked by the most handsome chef in town kononnya...

The colleague keep asking me if I'm still hungry so she can order more for me.

@______@ |||

Okay la this handsome chef can cook well but I'm already beaten. @@

And on that night itself:

Colleagues' wedding dinner at Moon Palace, Puchong. FULL DIE ME!

Cakes at Strangers at 47. CAKE AGAIN?

As the result:

I shall decided to become goldfish for the next few weeks.. *Brup* *Brup* *Brup*

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