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Wednesday, 24 June 2015

Lately I've been making lots of Wan Tan..

Yes I'm sick again! /.\

This is the forth time I've been down to flu this year. Talk about one of my resolution this year is to become healthy, it's not even December yet and I already broke my goal completely LOL! Haih, why lah my body is so prone to sick these past few years?

Thankfully I'm not that worse, that I need to take MC or paying visit to the doctor.

My sister commented that I probably still hold grudge to my non-happiness situations which I gather for these past few years. I do hope that she's right. Ok maybe it's also part of my responsible that I didn't take good care of myself, but the percentage of hoping my sister's theory is right is way higher than my responsibility. IMHW.

I've tried all sorts of way to get healed naturally: gurgling with salt water, drink honey lemon, drink lemon, taking strepsil, avoid heat stuff, stay hydrated, and here I am still coughing + sneezing like mad woman T______T. Dear readers, is there anymore way that I could try besides asking me to see doctor?

I'm SO looking forward to my this HK trip, which happens on next week. It would be bad if I was beaten by this. Dear flu would you PLEASEEEEEEEE leave me aloneeee?!? T_______T

To a person whom I promise to help up on her big project, if you happens to read this blog post, I'm truly sorry for any delay caused. @@ But I will surely make it up for you before July. @@

At the end I've to see doctor, for the sake of my HK trip. (a very meh-ish face)

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