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Sunday, 24 May 2015


Goodbye, Captain Fantastic...


Today is the day where we bid farewell to our beloved Captain Fantastic!

Honestly I didn't expect this to come in quickly. I thought he would retired just like Jamie Carragher. Guess he really wants to play for football again, and going to US could fulfill his final wish before he decided to retire.

Gerrard is one of the many LFC players I can look up to. LFC is so blessed to have a captain like him. I mean, take a look at HIM! He's skillful, talented, and most importantly, passionate for Liverpool FC! I doubt we would able to find a replacement like him. He can stir up a team! Without him, the miracle of Istanbul would not happen. I would probably think Liverpool is just another club like others.

Today, with his entire football career serving Liverpool FC, he left to pursue his dream. Devastated is all I can describe but happy to see him pursuing his dream.

Who knows? He will come back some other time, when it's right..

To Steven Gerrard,

No one can replace you just the way you are. You're like a heart of Liverpool FC! I simply cannot imagine what would LFC turn out to be upon your departure. I hate to see you go, but here is my very best wishes to you future endeavors. Thank you for all you've done to my most favourite club in this world! Thanks for making Liverpool FC a very special football club! Thanks for all the great memories you've bring it to us!

Signed by a very devastated Anfieldyee. 

The current Liverpool is making me even worried to be honest (Even lost to Stoke City 6-1 at the last game T______T SG doesn't deserve such shabby, utter-lousy result T_______T).

Dear God.. When all these bad lucks will come to end?

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