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Tuesday, 5 May 2015

Days of Dressing (the Aftermath)

I've been praying for this day to come ever since last year. The day I could pen this down with much relief that "It's all over now!" and finally I'm allow to do so WOHOO! Praise the lord for HIS healing power! =)

Today's blog post will be a super long one so I'm sorry if it bored you. I suppose this post might not bored you much if you're into health! (Hopefully it does not turn out to be a boring post. I tryyyyyyyyy to minimize as many as I could lol! ^^")

The post is about my post-lipoma case last year. I once doodled down every single day I'd to deal with and tagged as #DaysofDressing under my IG:

Yep, it was an one horrible experience I'll never forget!

In case you're no familiar with lipoma, here I've Mr Wiki to explain it to you:

A lipoma is a benign tumor composed of adipose tissue (body fat). It is the most common benign form of soft tissue tumor. Lipomas are soft to the touch, usually movable, and are generally painless.
- Wikipedia -

The background

I'd my lipoma as big as a golf-ball size grew behind my head for 5 years. Though it's painless and it doesn't bothered me anything, I thought it would be better to remove it since it's still uhm.. a tumor?

I'd my day care surgery done on 20th May 2014. I took 2 days off, resume my daily activity on the 3rd day because I felt I was ok. (I didn't feel anything but I went back to the hospital on and off to get my wound clean up). I was officially discharged by the doctor on 24th May. The wound got open on 26th May evening and thus the born of "Days Of Dressing".

The Journey

I've complied them all under Days of Dressing (Week 1) , Days of Dressing (Week 2), Days of Dressing (Week 3), Days of Dressing (Week 4), Days of Dressing (Week 5)Days of Dressing (Week 6), plus the bonus comic: The most expensive dressing bill. I thought it'll be good to record down so it could serve as a reminder to me of all the terrible experiences I've been through when I refer back. It's total of 40 days journey but the truth is, it actually takes entire 7 months for me to fully recover!

I stopped doodling my dressing journey as I was being told that my wound was healed! I've even announce to the whole world that "I'M FINALLY FULLY RECOVEREDDDDDD!". It had never ever ever came across to my mind that my so-called small issue would take up 7 months to recover. I mean, it's just a benign tumor. Apart from that, I'm all well and healthy. My friend's father who gone through surgery to remove his infected skin caused by diabetic and got heal after 3 months. How could possibly a benign tumor could bother me that long?

But I guess, "small case" can cause bigger issue? Just like how a tiny mosquito could cause you a dengue fever.

Anyway, here's what actually had happened after 40 days of my dressings journey:

The doctor was so calm despite my yelling and screaming. I guess, he'd face much worse patient than I do so yea, my case is consider "small" hor?

Honest, I wasn't even mad at him at the first place. All I wish for is to get over it and done. I may sound harsh to that doctor but I just couldn't help it! The wound has been haunted me for more than six months, both physically and mentally.

There are also many things that I couldn't do, such as: I couldn't jog (I'll be sweaty and smelly and may further worsen my wound), I couldn't join the Standard Chartered Marathon 2014 sponsored by my company (Sigh I'm actually looking forward to it so much), I couldn't travel (NOOOOO!), I couldn't join my friends for short trip (No one would help washing my wound), I've to pantang my beloved crabs and seafood. Heck, I couldn't even join my company's Team Building at Taman Negara T_____T There're just lots of things I wanted to do but I'm not allowed to do so except to miss out the fun T________T

Apart from that, it troubles my family very much. Especially my mom, who worried about my wound every-single-day! It really got me frustrated whenever she asked about "What has the doctor said??" after my doctor's visit, and all I can tell her is not to worry only. But deep down inside my heart, I'm not sure how long I can take. With the failure to console my own, how am I gonna console my family that I'm going to be fine soon?!?

And here you were telling me not to worry but without giving a sensible reason why it's not recovered yet after 6 months? I couldn't accept it!

Anyway, the doctor reassured me that my wound will be healed one day, over and over again! Actually I kinda greatful that he didn't got me to worry much throughout this treatment. And truly enough, after a month of my visitation to him, the wound has healed! Like, no more infection developed by end of December 2014! Occasionally it shows some redness (according to my mom la.. I cannot view how my scar looks like) but it doesn't develop any infection anymore.

Was pinching my cheek so hard just to make sure that if all this healing are real but finally... after worrying for 7 months without knowing the answer, I can gladly announce to the world that I AM HEALED!!!!!

The Aftermath

Throughout this experience, I've learned few important lessons:

1) Not to take your health for granted!

Going to hospital for treatment or being hospitalize is! Even with my pretty short stay, I'm able to taste how it feels like having constant treatment but not seeing the result, the huge amount of medical bill you've to spent, the moodiness surrounding at the hospital. Macam sangat lifeless la if you ask me. T______T

2) Showing support to the patients

I also finally understand why visitation meant for a patient. It must be very hard for those who needs to stay at the hospital for months and years. At least show up yourself could give them encouragement & support to the patient, that they are not fighting alone. They are not suffering alone.

3) Take good care of your body!

This doctor may drives me crazy throughout the treatment, to some extend that I thought he's not doing a great job on helping me. But then I came to realize that I ought to do my part, too! I should've noted down what's the DOs and DON'Ts after the surgery and follow them. Even though the doctor keep telling me not to worry about anything, it's good to take good care of our body.

The past 7 months consider a horrid experience to me but it's a well-learned lesson that for sure will change my perspective towards health and taking care of myself. An experience I'll never ever forget for the rest of my life.

Ok maybe I'm yet to face the worse one *touch wood* but one thing for sure is I'm enough with hospital and doctors! Right now, I just want to appreciate little things I've, take good care of myself and maybe enjoy a nice short getaway to relax? With the up coming Koh Lipe trip, I've nothing but to looking forward to it. It's sort of... like an reimbursement for not being able to travel at 2014! XD

I just can't wait to have my life / travel life backkkkkk!

The Koh Lipe is calling for me yo!

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