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Sunday, 31 May 2015

A Day with Crazygirl

The Crazygirl was in town for a short visit to prepare her pre-wedding stuff. As a person who had stuck at Malaysia for so long, I offered my help to hunt for her pre-wedding stuff, for a day.

Initially we invited Chisinpo but so happen that she was too busy with her stuff. So yesterday there was just 2 of us, driving all the way down from north to south, two ways. Instead of having girls night out, we have a girls day out! :p

It comes to realize that we haven't had been hanging out with one another for so long, ever since the both of us graduated from college. Either she was not in Malaysia or I'm not in town. We did hung out after that but usually is with a group of people.

So happen that that day it's just the two of us were available for each other. And you know what, I actually enjoy it very much! It's just like back to those good old high school day!

Oh well, my baby car got her first saman, and it's not even one month. T_____T

So efficient hor, Mr Police.

The egg she cook at the morning as breakfast and decided to bring it along settle it with Nasi Lemak -___-

Didn't manage to take a picture of the foods, as we were too hungry and ate it right away.

After our breakfast, we enter to the Kepong zone to settle her wedding card.

Her pre-progress wedding card

I forgot what shop is it. Will update again when I got the details of the shop.

The Crazygirl requested to go to SSF Home at Kepong, which they sell mostly furniture and stuff. Her friend introduce this shop to her because it sells the cheapest wedding stuff.

I never heard about this before so I thought why not check out how cheap it can be?

The moment I stepped in:

Ok it's kinda pretty,

So does the price! 

To me it's not very cheap lor. One mere fake flower cost up to RM80?!? #yougottobekiddingme But since we're here, and that time we can't think of any shop that sells cheaper than SSF can offer. So the Crazygirl settle some of her wedding stuff right here.

If you would like to have a Mermaid-theme wedding, you can consider having this!

"This is how you should measure your requirement, lenglui!"

After much wedding shopping, it was lunch time! So we were back to PJ to hunt for nice food!

She and her O&S never-ending story! 

If you live in PJ, there's no way you never heard of Restaurant O&S. It serves many yummilicious foods in one place! By that time we went there, it was slightly after lunch time. So we able to get a place. 

And we ordered Asam Laksa!!

I must say, this is one of the best Asam Laksa in PJ!! It may not be as awesome as the one I'd at Penang but you cannot find such aromatic + SOOOOOOOOOO MANY fish meat in a bowl. Plus, it cost only RM 5.50!!

Ok I already bookmark this place in my foursquare. XD

I forgot beside Sun, Rain is also another Malaysia's weather.

And our next stop is to PJ Old Town! Since it's so near.

I was reminded that there were few shops in PJ old town which sells decoration so I thought I should bring your highness to take a view of it.

It's true dear...

Apparently the PJ old town one sells way much cheaper stuff than the SSF. The crazygirl told me that she shouldn't listen to her friend and come with me. I told her that I agree with her because I do not need to waste my petrol to go allllll the way down to Kepong lol!

Busy choosing her flowers..

Don't want to layan me because I didn't introduce this shop to her at the first place. =(

So to those bride + groom to be, look out for the shops at PJ old town! (Same roll as Mcd) They sells fairly cheap decoration stuff!

After done her 2nd wedding shopping:

Apparently this doesn't sell at Aussie. GOT OR NOTTTTTT?

Challenge her with Durian Cream puff XD

The shops we visited is called Cherry Cafe, one of my favourite cafe to visit. Will blog in the other post. 

And off to the next stop:

Go allll the way from PJ old town to Paradigm Mall. By that time I thought I've managed to conquer all PJ! 

For a very good reason:

We visited Kaison, just right besides Popular Bookstore. They sells really cheap decoration + cute stuff which is why one of my favourite store to go when I visited Paradigm Mall, with purpose or no.

Hmm, which candle should I buy?

Oh look! I met Hippo! 

Finally, she call it off on her wedding-stuff hunting! By this time it was nearly 5pm, but we are not ready for dinner so we settle at Starbucks! XD

By the way, have you tried their new drink? You should if you are a chocolate lover!

And here's our final stop, as per HIGHLY requested by your highness:

Milligram Cafe

If you think I'm a crazy-cat lover, I'm not near crazy than Crazygirl!

The meal I ordered. Not bad! Will blog about Milligram cafe as soon as I get to know about this cafe. 

And that's all for our day trip! After Milligram Cafe I sent her back, give her a hug, and we didn't get to see each other for another 6 months as she off to USA attending her sister's graduation whereas I'm stuck at Janda Baik. =(

This probably the date that will not happen anytime soon as by the time she's back at Malaysia, she will be a married woman! From the day I saw her being single, enter relationship and soon gonna married, time really passes by awfully fast! If I could turn back the time I would want to have it all turn back to my high school!

But at the same time, I'm equally excited for her wedding day!! It would be my very first best friend's wedding leh!! I don't know why I'm so much looking forward to it even though it's not even my wedding. I even had in my mind what to wear, how to act like a proper lady etc XD

I don't want 2015 to end so quickly but I equally cannot wait for her wedding to comeeeee! How can liddisssssssss?!?!?

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