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Tuesday, 7 April 2015

GST Saga

1st of April 2015 is deem to be the MOST memorable date for the Malaysians. That's because it's the day where GST is finally implemented in Malaysia!

And also for some reason, this has been my most MEH-NESS April Fool I've ever encountered in my entire life!

I suppose all these chaos are norm at starting phase. Sooner or later the Malaysians will stop complaining and live their life as it is.

Unless the government decided to increase their tax amount in the future, I would've prepare my shoe for a standby.

Like every Malaysians, I snap a picture of my first GST receipt, with Chatime. 

Apparently the price has gone up from RM 5.90 to RM 6.50 after GST. Why lah Chatime that is more than 6% of increase!! =(

So far the items which I know is taxable:
- Restaurant foods
- Car
- Milo
- Coffee 3 in 1
- Insurance
- Electronic devices
- Mobile
- Books and Stationery
- Cloths and Shoes
- Cigarette
- Water bill?
- Electricity bill?? (first 200 units is non-taxable apparently hor...)
- Prepaid phone card???


Anyone can share about other taxable items that I've not included right here?

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