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Wednesday, 18 March 2015

Reasons to watch Kingsman

Rephrase: All the Kingsman characters are very cool!
Didn't know Taron Egerton is so HANDSOME in Kingsman suit! XD

Ok back to serious topic. Here is my review:

Kingsman: The Secret Service

Kingsman Poster

If you haven't watch this movie, you ought to do so before it has been officially taken down from GSC/TGV! By looking at the trailer and plot, you can figure it out that it's an action-spy movie. But wait! It's not just an action-spy, but Action-Comedy-Spy movie! It is rare to have action and comedy fuse together in a movie, and Kingsman had it all!

The story line overall was awesome IMO! Perhaps there were few unexpected senses and slaught censors which if you scare of blood, you probably won't like watching it. I personally don't like watching slaughting scenes but I was totally fine with it as it wasn't that much. You can take a few minutes to cover your eyes if you don't want to watch those slaughting scenes and enjoy the rest of the movie! And with some good laughs! :D

Kudos to Matthew Vaughn for producing such an awesome movie! I really don't mind spending RM16 to watch it. But can anybody tell me why is it worth RM16? 

Kingsman, the best of the movie I've seen so far this year!

Oh, did I just mention that Taron Egerton is HAWT in Kingsman?

Taron Egerton

Taron egerton

*It literally blows my mind away*

Anfieldyee's Rating: 9/10
Unexpected and well-present story line. Alot of ganjeong moments, a true action-comedy and not too much of love scene movie, which I like! Worth every penny you spent!

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  1. Mine I paid for rm12 woh. U watched kat mane?

    1. I watch it at GSC oh, but not sure why it charge me RM 16. :( Maybe it's a block-buster movie so they charge me much more expensive but it's ok since the Movie was great! :)


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