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Sunday, 8 March 2015


Today marks exactly one year since the MH370 went missing:

You can read 1st, 2nd & 3rd of my MH370 post, and MH17 & QZ8501 if you want.

Nothing has much changed in terms of the result of this aircraft. However, the happenings of MH370 also affect my views towards aircraft in many ways, indrectly, such as:

1) Becoming more particular on choosing the right time to fly

Try to avoid night flight, try to avoid any moonsoon season etc etc etc. Of course if cannot avoid I will just pray for safe journey lah.

2) Follow the order of cabin crew

Not switching on my mobile during take-off, the crew told me to seat down I seat down etc.

3) Became more sensitive towards the performance of an aircraft

Whenever there is announcement made from the captain or the plane faces turbulence, passengers are generally more panic. Too much air crash lately.

4) But becoming more thankful and appreciate 

I would like to thank ALLLL the pilots who ensure the plane landed safe and sound! And the crews who deliver excellent services!! You guys are THE BEST!

5) "Have a Safe Trip" is important to me! 

I NEED to heard this before boarding a plane!

6) Some foreigners try to avoid taking MAS airline, or any aircraft that associates with Malaysia!

Sad but #TrueStory

7) But we still take MAS airline and AirAsia

It's not their fault that causes MH17 shot down, it can happen to any aircraft!
As for AA... if the fate comes you cannot prevent it (opps)

8) We still care MH17 and QZ8501!

After all, they are still our Malaysia aircraft!

9) Watching too much Air Craft Investigation

Now I become more paranoid when I board a plane haih.

10) Foreigners keep asking what I know about MH370! 

Honest I really don't know anythinggggg about the fate of MH370!!

Yeah, not realizing that I become more caring towards the aviation industry.

It's surreal how we have actually lost a plane for a year. With having such sophisticated tools and highest safety record than any other model air-craft, it could simply disappear without a trace and remains a mystery till to this date, I can't help it but to agree "How can such a modern aircraft could simply disappear without any trace?". So many question, but no answers.

I cannot imagine how those affected relatives have to go through this. It must be a tough year for them without any answer and closure. Imagine waiting for your love once to come back, whether be alive or death, there's no conclusive evidence about this. It's a horror and suffocating wait! To the families involved, I'm deeply sorry for your lost...

The answer may still remains the same from one year ago until now, inside my heart I still believe that one day, the plane will be found; one day, we will know the truth! No one knows where is the plane, but God knows where is MH370! He knows the fate of this plane! He also knows how the familes being through at the moment! And I believe one day, He'll help us to find that plane!

Lets not forget MH17 and QZ8501, and other air-crash that happened last year too. May God give their strength and comfort to the families involved. 

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