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Friday, 2 January 2015

Throwing Away 2014

This is exactly how I feel - to throw away 2014 so badly!

Not that I hate 2014 very much, it has been a mixture of ups and downs year. There are lot's of significant things happen at 2014 which honestly I don't really want it to happen again lol. #GoodbyeForever2014!

However, it's also a year where I get to know myself even better.  I also learn that there are actually many people who really cares about me, reminds me of I shoulda get out of living in my own thinking world ASAP!

I wish I'll have my own rainbow form at 2015. Nevertheless, God's timing is always perfect! In the meantime while waiting for the PURRFECT timing, I promise myself to live life to the fullest! Be grateful in all kinds of circumstances. Life is actually has its beauty.

Brand new year, brand new starts. Whatever happens in the past, it has become a history.
Wishing everybody here Happy New Year~!! May your dreams come true this year.

As for my new year resolution, it literally slip away from my mind lol! Sorry people, I guess that's because most of my 2014 resolutions didn't happen hence I don't have faith on making resolution. ^_^"

(Fast Forward)

Okok! I write my resolution then. See whether I will achieve it this year?

*~ Anfieldyee's New Year 2015 Resolutions ~*

#1 Exercise - Man, I'm getting rounder and rounder. I need to work out on this!
#2 Clean Eating - Time to cut down fast, fried, salty and oily foods, girl!
#3 Blog more - 1 post for 2 days, challenge accepted!
#4 Be Happy - Y.O.L.O.!
#5 Draw near closer to God - Dear Lord, guard my heart...
#6 Fulfilling my wishes bits by bits - BRING IT ON 2015!

Yes 2015, I.AM.RE-ADY! Come to mamaaaaa!

PS: LOL it doesn't seems I've a good start... Liverpool didn't win their first game of 2015 and my all-time favourite player Steven Gerrard had decided to leave Liverpool at the end of this season... Saddest day ever as LFC fans... T_______T #HAO???

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