Merry Christmas 2014 - You'll Never Wander Alone


Thursday, 25 December 2014

Merry Christmas 2014


HOHOHO... The most joyous season is finally here!! I've been counting down for this day to come, with no whatsoever particular reason XD. Just wanted to enjoy the Christmas spirit as the spirit here in Malaysia is a little dull in the normal days as compare to other country.

Better than not being able to celebrate Christmas eh?

This time my artwork is featuring Chisinpo. The whole concept is rather simple: not because I'm running out of idea but to celebrate Christmas in simplest way.

What this year's Christmas had thought me was, it's not just about those fancy presents, perfect lifestyles and MUST-HAVE-CHRISTMAS-SPIRIT-OR-ELSE-IT-IS-NOTHING that makes the whole Christmas very Christmas.. but wrapping up gifts, brainstorming Christmas ideas, setting up Christmas deco, preparing Christmas foods etc. Perhaps we stress out at the beginning, but I find that enjoy doing those little things could make me happy, and it's trilled to see your end products brought alive. I think that's what it counts.

Give, is always better than take.
Which is why my wallet has this big hole on it now. T______T

On behalf of my family & friends, I'd like to wish those who are reading at this paragraph at the moment:


So, my Fourforever series is completed! Have to drain my brain juice to think how should I want it for next year's series.

Or maybe there will be NONE lol. 


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