Happy Mooncake Festival 2014

by - 9/08/2014 08:50:00 am

Draw this for one of the Miao Miao's friend company. How is it? :D

I feel that drawing a small group of people for Mooncake Festival do gives a feeling of unity, as you usually celebrate mooncake festival with your family. So Miao Miao, your request comes just in the right time! :D

So anyone wants me to draw for them? We can sit down and di$cu$$!

It's Mooncake Festival! The day where not just only eating mooncake, but enjoying the full moon together with your family. It's no wonder for some reason I feel KL has cooled down lately. (All the balik kampungness, you know...)

For those who celebrates this unique festival, have a fruitful time with your family! =)

PS: Sorrie for the slow updates. I know I've been repeating this sentence again and again but people really busy naoadays mar... >_<

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