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Friday, 1 August 2014

Somewhere Over the Rainbow

So years down the road I was once obsessed with this blogskin:

I felt in love at the first sight. Can't explain why. What's more this ain't a RED template. (Red freak here)

Years passes by so quickly that blogger has changed much ever since, where we do not required to crack our head squeeze out much brain juice to modify the CSS so much to get a nicer view of our blog. Hence, the traditions of downloading blogskins template and applied at blogger has just go down the drain.

While I was brainstorming on what blog template should I made for our upcoming Merdeka, out of sudden I was reminded that I used to love this blogskin so much. And since its background image reminds me much our Jalur Gemilang much. So I thought, why not I try to revive it this time? *Challenge Accept*

After days and nights + burning the midnight oils of modifications on the blogger's CSS (It was WAYYYYYYYYYY much difficult as compare to last time), testing and complaining how horrible blogger's template are right now, finally, just FINALLY, I've came out my desire result:

Naise or Not?!? :D :D

  1. The red jalur germilang as my blog's background. I think it looks ticker, maybe I will find some times to make it thinner.
  2. 3 races admiring our nation flag, with the hippo waving it as the banner. I topped the rainbow in it simply because we've gone through so much disaster this year (MH370..MH17..water crisis..haze crisis..GST..*ops*). Although we are now going through the storm, once the storms is over there will always be a rainbow appears.  
  3. Columns in black border line. Erm, I can't be making it in blue right?

For a person who was not graduated from IT/Computer Science, I'd say I did a great job. *Let Me Self-Syiok for a while lah*


Exactly one year ago, I was doing this "Little Things In Malaysia" project in my instagram and blog. I was suppose to post every little things we can find in Malaysia for the next 31 days right until our Hari Merdeka (falls on 31 August):

Obviously, it fail half way as I was too lazy copped up in my work and didn't have time to update on daily basis. (with serious tone)

This is the overall project I attempt to do:

The "Little Things In Malaysia" Project

One year has passed so quickly! In just a month later, we, as a Malaysian, are going to celebrate the most important date of the year - Hari Kemerdekaan! (namely Malaysia's Independent Day)

In conjuction with our very own independent day, starting from 1st August till 31st August Anfieldyee will be posting the little things that makes Malaysia unique on daily basis. It can be little things that we should appreciate, things we cannot find anywhere or things that makes Malaysia an unique place.

You can catch up on my instagram & facebook as it will be updated by daily basis. All of them will be sum up and appears in my blog on weekly basis.

I think what makes Malaysia a truly unique country lies on this little things that we should be proud of. It could not be found anywhere in this world! Do you know what is it? ;)

Ok lah maybe the introduction is not oh-so-excite-ish, but enough for you to understand what I attempt to do right? :D

I feel that this year is the right time, and has this feeling that I want to accomplish it! Which, in the other words, I've kept myself SUPER busy for the next 31 days liao LOL.

(Mom would be screaming here and there for staring at the PC 24/7/365)

I would love your support on this. I think we as Malaysian are ought to show our dear Malaysia what it should be! =)

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