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Thursday, 17 July 2014

Days of Dressing (Week 6)

Woah I didn't know my days of dressing has been taken longer than I thought! It's almost reach to two months and I am still not.yet.fully.recovered! =((((((

For the full story, you can read ALLLLL the way from Days of Dressing (Week 1), Days of Dressing (Week 2), Days of Dressing (Week 3), Days of Dressing (Week 4) to Days of Dressing (Week 5). I admit that they are kinda lengthy, but people tend to express more words when you are sad, frustrated, depressed, have lots of things to say.

Day 33 (06/07/2014)

The emergency department today is packed with potential/suspected dengue patient. Looks like the dengue saga is getting bad to worse.

There's an increase of 248% dengue case this year as compare to last year, in Malaysia. On top of that, 2 person I know got admitted to hospital due to dengue. It's something I need to take note for if I don't want to end up being in the hospital again.

But who likes to get admitted anyway? Needle poking through your body with lousy food and facing empty walls plus no life as well as suffering physically illness everyday anyone???

Day 34 (07/07/2014)

Today I just go through a mini-heart attack after hearing my dressing bill cost RM 196. But it was corrected right away (full story here).

I will declare having heart attack if he accidentally mentioned my dressing bill cost RM 1960...

No wonder the hospital state "well-spoken" as one of the main criteria in their hiring requirements.

Day 35 (08/07/2014)

Good news today! My wound is progressively well, the doctor inform me that I can do the dressing at home!!

SoI went to pharmacy that night to buy all the essentials dressing. It cost some bucks but better than driving alllllll the way to the hospital just to clean my small, little wound. Hospital is a busy place, I don't want to trouble their time much!

The only thing I will miss there are the nurses who treats me in this past one month.

Day 36 (09/07/2014)

Or maybe do dressing at home is such a bad idea. You are surrounded by different opinions.

I think I want my nurses back.

Day 37 (10/07/2014)

The disadvantage of doing dressing at home is getting your bandage keeps falling out. Thank God I have my personal dressing - Sister Xin, who help to clean my wound effortlessly! Not to mention she also responsible on my hair washing LOL.

She could have choose not to waste time on me but you know, a sister in need is a sister in deed!

Day 38 (11/07/2014)

Today is a sad, gloomy day after hearing Luis Suarez has officially left Liverpool.

I don't know why am I upsetting for: it's just a football player leaving the football club that I love. I wonder if it's because I am sick, or feel disappointed with it.

Dear God, bless Liverpool...

Day 39 (12/07/2014)

My mom found a good way to prevent my bandage from being falling down: by self-made a head bandage which can surround my head.

Now I really look like a sick person liao. But what to do right, Mom is happy with the way I look.

So my bandage-keeps-falling-down dilemma is solved for now, the next thing is having my wound to fully recover, which I cannot wait anymore.

I feel like eating more fish to speed up the recovery process.

(To Be Continue...)

Check out the aftermath of the entire incident here.

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