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Tuesday, 1 July 2014

Days of Dressing (Week 4)


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Day 19 (22/06/2014)

I came to realize that whenever the child come to the emergency department, they'll ended up crying here.Which summarize my point of the Hospital Emergency Department is a nightmare for every children's place.

Of course I will feel pity for those sick children, especially those who needs to go to  the hospital every time.

Day 20 (23/06/2014)

Today is my second appointment with my main doctor ever since my wound got open. The doctor commented that I made a good progression. Hence, he reduces my daily dressing to two days once. Hoorayyyyyy!!

Day 21 (24/06/2014)

Finally I am back to office to work! As you can see, I am expressionless. I feel happy that I can go out now and back to the office but at the same time no more working from home.

Day 22 (25/06/2014)


Just come back to work I already have alot of task waiting for me to be done. Not to mention to reach the month-end closing.

Day 23 (26/06/2014)


Work until overtime but still cannot get the job done.

Day 24 (27/06/2014)

Initially I plan to come for daily dressing after work today. However, I just feel my bandage falls out of the place this morning. Hence, I decided to come over to the hospital for early dressings.

The nurse spotted that there were few inflammations around my wound, which is not a good sight. The good news is, it doesn't look very serious. However, I was told to raise this concern to the doctor on my next appointment with him.

Inflammations?? Means my wound got attacked by the bacterias?? Haih I wonder how I ever get it since I wash my hair (didn't touch the wound part of course) and did my dressings every day. It's just that I've reduced to two days once recently.

Day 25 (28/06/2014)

My mom bought a durian cake from Blossom cafe. They sells very nice durian cake there. All of us loves their durian cake!

Too bad I am not allowed to have it, as durian might worsen my wound condition. Not to mention I've developed inflammations.


(To Be Continue...)

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