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Thursday, 12 June 2014

FIFA World Cup 2014 - Blog Theme


Behold, le Anfieldyee's new blog theme: FIFA World Cup! Nice or not?! 

Was getting sick of my previous blog theme. Since the world cup is approaching, of out of sudden I'd this thought flash through my mind: Hey since I've never done it before, why don't I renovate my blog theme into World Cup theme?

The hours of thinking, drawing and working on this blog renovation drains out my time and energy. But I am mighty pleased that I'm able to come out with this blog theme, right before the World Cup starts! *Full Satisfaction mode ON*

Speaking of World Cup, as a faithful football fan (well, not really that fanatic. I can't even name all the countries that are going to play in the Group stage), of course I wouldn't miss such a big event! It would be even more fantastical if the match play around my dinner time, so that I can cheer with the fans at the Mamak place together! 

But I believe that there could be some day in the future. Maybe not in FIFA but BPL? (Even better! I can watch Liverpool matches in LIVE) I've experienced it at 2002, where the Mens will gather around that cubicle to watch the matches and the Ladies did their shoppings, and I wouldn't mind having it another round.

Never mind about that, most importantly, I just want to FEEEEEEEL the World Cup Fever!!

As for the team I am support this time? Well I do tell people around that I am into Germany but I think I am still stick to "Watch First, then decide later". Which country that attracts my attention will get my support! :)

Last time I do support Spain but that is a history now! (Because of Torres the Traitor)

In less than 12 hours time the World Cup is about to start. I can't wait!!

Let the game BEGIN!

Yes that's my World Cup LIVE screen aka IPad Mini, in case you are wondering about it.


Sorry but I think Shakira's version is much better than the other versions. :)

The World Cup has been a roller coaster ride. Check out my write up on the curse of the world cup here.

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