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Friday, 20 June 2014

Days of Dressing (Week 2)

*Continue from Days of Dressing (Week 1)*

Day 5 (08/06/2014)

Today my Dad and Sister Xin accompanied me to the hospital. I receive a very promising news from them:

The tissues in my wound is growing, which is a good sign! It is what we hoping and praying for, so that the tissues can cover up the wound and maybe, just maybe I do not need to go through another round of operation, by stitching it back!

Looks like my eating fish is working! #FishTherapy

Despite the good news, the fact that the wound is yet to recover requires me to stay at home! Looking at those delicious meals my friends posted on the social medias got be craving for many foods for out of sudden! (Some more those are I am not ready to eat)

I want to recover ASAP!!

Day 6 (09/06/2014)

Today a colleague of mine came to chat with me. She heard that I've got my wound open so I thought it's nice for her to express her concern to me. But the next words she said changes my mood:

"You shouldn't eat too much fast foods and chickens!"

Lately I have been receiving lots of comments about my wound. Comments like "You shouldn't eat this and that at the first place" (Yea maybe I shouldn't taking up chickens, but heck, the doctor said I can eat anything!), "You should take care of your wound!" (You mean I should ignore what the doctor said, that it's ok to wash my hair go jogging do your normal routine?), "You shouldn't wash your hair!" (I don't think you like the idea having an oily, dusty hair), "You shouldn't go to Ossoto Spa" (How would I know that the next three days I'll have my would completely open?!?!) etc depress me!

While I appreciate your concerns , I know that lots of things I can be done to prevent such thing happens. However, it just happen out of sudden. Are you telling me that I should ignore my doctor's advice completely and practice those "pantang" here and there at the first place?

Anyway, it's a clumsy of me not being able to take care of myself well after the surgery. I don't need judgement, what I need is encouragement!

Day 7 (10/06/2014)

The depression just got worse on day 7. Haih I don't know why I don't success at anything whatever I did.

The only thing that keeps me happy is through drawings. Which is why you see me draw lots of stuff lately.

As the depression continues to kicks in, of out of sudden I have a flower man who claim that I've a flower bouquet from some one.

To my much surprise, it's from a friend of mine who lives and works abroad, alongside with a "get well soon" card.

I was utterly shocked, surprised and feel blessed upon receiving such flower bouquet. I didn't expect it was from her. Having a friend who is concerning you not only warms your heart, and also makes me feel motivated to get recover ASAP!

Thank you Friend, you've just made my day!

Day 8 (11/06/2014)

It is my 8 days of dressing. The wound is recovering well but I've to make it better so I do not need to go through another round of stitches. *Self-motivated mode*

In this past two weeks I've been working from home. I am thankful that my bosses gave the permission for me to work from home, so I'll not break my own record by having so much of MC records LOL.

There's just only one problem: which is working just besides my bed maybe a bad idea. It is so tempting as if it's calling me to take a lie!

Day 9 (12/06/2014) 

World Cup 2014 is officially kicks off today!!

I just spotted a new Starbucks thermos which has the soccer man on it.
I am not sure whether this is made with conjunction of World Cup, but I have fallen in love with the new thermos!

Most importantly, it's Red in colour!! *Gasp* 

Should I trade my Starbucks Red Christmas Thermos with this one?

Day 10 (13/06/2014)

Everyday is a Porridge + Fish day for me!

Yep, my everday meal is porridge with fish, my essentials to help on speedy recovery. I admit that I've been super craving for those delicious meals my friends posted on FB. However, of out of sudden I've been stopped craving for it.

I wonder why?

Today my colleagues were celebrating someone's birthday in the office. They ordered pizzas with chickens. They knew how I am a chicken lover, so they snap a picture of those chicken and sent it to me.


Day 11 (14/06/2014) 

I mess up today's clinic operation hour! I totally forgot that today is saturday and there might be possibilities that the clinic operates half day! Since I came after their operation hour, I ended up in the emergency department for dressing today.

However, the Emergency department was awkwardly silence today. I guess no business is a good news?

(To Be Continue...)

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