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Wednesday, 18 June 2014

Animal Predictions

One Fine Day:

I would be able to earn big bucks if like that!

Ever since 4 years ago, where our dear Paul the Octopus strike to fame when he predicts 85 percent correctly for all Germany games, people around the world started to use Animals to predict the football games. This year's World Cup we have sea turtle, elephants, pig, dog, and heck, even Japanese uses the octopus to predict the game! (The octopus predicts that Japan will win over Ivory Coast but obviously it did not came true fml)

Anyway, drawing this post makes me miss Paul the Octopus so badly!! I would love to see him making another round of predictions, if God permits! ^_^ I manage to witness that he picks Spain over Netherland to win the World Cup 2010 (and they won! I was a Spain fans back then).

Even now he's no longer around us, his spirit definitely lives around us!

Especially Google, draw it for Belgium vs Algeria. So cute!!

Maybe this year we would have another Paul?


  1. I see so many facepalms in your site. :D
    Holland seem to be doing well this time around. We'll see how it goes. Haha.

  2. Hahaha!! Yea there's a story behind on this logo, but I doubt that it's a true story! :D

    Which team are you supporting this year? ;)

    1. Not really supporting any much specific team. Just watch nice matches, if any. But if I have to choose, I'd go for either Holland or England. Or Germany if the previous 2 don't make it to the finals. Haha. And I choose the countries mainly because I know most players from those teams...

    2. Looks like we are picking the same team to support, except Holland LOL!

  3. hahahaha this is cute! I think I read on the papers or online somewhere that this year a camel is predicting the games -.-

    1. Thanks for drop by!! :)

      Yea but that camel picks the one who are going to lose LOL.


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