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Thursday, 1 May 2014

The meaning of the cross

受难日当天, 耶稣背着十字架, 朝向死刑之路.
On the Good Friday itself, Jesus on his way to be crucified on the cross.

受尽苦难和折磨后, 耶稣死在十字架上.
After endure much suffering, Jesus die on the cross

第三天后, 耶稣复活了!
On the third day, Jesus resurrected!

在地球上与徒弟们相处的四十天后, 耶稣回到天堂里去.
After 40 days of spending time with the disciples, Jesus return to the heaven.

十字架的意义, 其中意味着耶稣能够战胜死亡.
如果死亡不是耶稣的对手, 那有什么东西可以难倒祂和上帝吗?

因为祂, 一切都变可能.

The meaning of cross, signifies that Jesus overcome the death. If death could not stopped Jesus, then who could ever stop us?

Because of HIM, everything is possible.

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PS: This was drawn back at April 2014, with conjunction of Good friday (18/04/2014) and Easter (20/04/2014). What do you think? =)

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