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Saturday, 3 May 2014

My First Ever Hand-Draw postcard!

One of my church leader actually saw my artwork via FB/Blog (which ever platform that he accidentally saw my whole bunch of doing-it-to-pass-my-time artworks), so he introduce my work to the church media leader.

My church's media leader tried to contact me one week before the due day, but I ignore his call because me and my phone can never be friends (LOL?). He manage to get through me on the 1st April, aka the April fool day.

Of course, I never thought of it as a prank call. Since he has tried to contact me and my leader already drop me some big hints.

We discuss about the objective to have this postcard (for Easter Day), what theme should we put in etc. Everything went well until we talked about the deadline:

Me: "How soon do you need it?"
Him: "Can I get it latest by this Thursday (4th April)? Or Friday morning (5th April) also can. Because I need to have it print on Saturday (6th April)!"

o_O Three days to come out an ultimate significant, influential postcard?!?! This must be some kind of joke... on April fool day!

But God is good. I manage to put it through, without three days of sleepless nights!


It's basically summarize with four themes: Suffer, Death, Resurrect and Transform, which I've further explained it right here. In the order hand, we have four themes combine together in one postcard, more like a comic if you ask me. Cool right?? :D

By the way, I am not the one that comes out the theme of the postcard. Just erm... listen to the orders LOL.

I want to thank my lifegroup leader, who introduce my artwork to our Church Media leader. And also my church, who willing to use my crappiness artworks to promote such a big event: The Easter Day! I never dream that my artwork can be use in such a way. Moreover, it's my first artpiece/postcard!

Three days of sleepless night comes out with mini-products may sounds not worthy, but it's all worth for me!

Thank you God, for this awesome opportunity, your guidance and the awesome brothers & sisters! =)

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