The Legendary 4 Goals

by - 2/09/2014 07:59:00 pm

Frankly speaking, I never expect that this Liverpool will go crazy like this, netted 4 goals in just 20 minutes! (So, don't hate us. We are innocents~~~~~~~~~~)
That night right after knowing the latest news through facebook, I've this strong urging thoughts of going out to visit the nearest mamak and catch this match.

Unfortunately, I've tons of laundries need to be done.

This lesson had taught me that nothing is impossible when it comes to football. Just like in reality world, everything is possible. You never know what you are getting at the end of the day.

Do what you want / need to do, appreciate what you've got, giving thanks to everything in your life, you will appreciate life even more!

PS: At the end of the day, Liverpool beat Arsenal with 5 goals against 1.
PSS: The Big 3 I've mentioned earlier on are Chelsea, Manchester City and away game with Arsenal. :)
PSSS: My ULTIMATE sorry to my family, friends and readers who support Arsenal. Please have mercy with us till we meet again~~~ *innocent face*

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