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Saturday, 15 February 2014

Happy East & West Valentine Day!!

Kiss Da Horse~!

Once in a while after 19 years, where the West Valentine and EastValentine aka Chap Goh Meh happens together on the same date, of course I need to blog out! XD

Today Anfieldyee did not celebrate with her special one (because I do not have, yet). However, I'm thankful for being able to celebrate with my family. I guess, this is call Family Valentine? Sounds special to me! :)

How do you spend your valentine / chap goh meh? I bet the couples have busy plans than I do.

Lastly, allow me to take this opportunity to wish everyone: HAPPY VALENTINE & CHAP GOH MEH!!
Come, those who wants to throw mandarin orange, lets go Sungai Klang now! XD

By the way, Google has this interesting theme for Valentine this year:

First picture is you are giving a mystery gift to your girlfriend. All you need to do is to press "Play" button.

Next is you need to make chocolates, and put it inside the box.

Tied up with a ribbon, and you are ready to give it to your girlfriend!
You are only able to do this at your PC/desktop. Sorry to say that it won't work through the mobiles.

So erm... who wants to give chocolate and mandarin orange to me? I'd love to eat both of them at the same time. o^___^o

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