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Friday, 31 January 2014

Gong Xi Fatt Chai 2014

Anfieldyee would like to wish you:

新年快乐! (Happy Chinese New Year)
心想事成! (Wish comes true!)
龙马精神! (Err.. hope you as strong as a dragon and horse?)
马到功成! (Wish you success in every undertakings)
马上发财! (Kena toto!!)
马上运到! (Lucky come right now to you!) 
马年行好运! (May you have a blessing horse year!)
恭喜恭喜!! (GONG XI FA CAI everyone!!!)

This year each Fourforever will be featuring on the four major Malaysia's festivals. Salady (which is I) has been chosen to feature on CNY, simply because she's a red freak!

Guess that's kinda BIG hint to know who'll be featuring who, unless you know the four major Malaysia's festival we are talking about right here! ;)

Stay tuned, at least for one year to see the complete set.

Till then! Need to collect all the angpaos now!!

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