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Tuesday, 31 December 2013


Today I'd like to talk about a movie that we just watched recently, call FROZEN.

It's a Walt Disney movie. Hence, me, Chisinpo and Crazygirl went on watching this movie without much hesitation. (We LOVE Disney movies!!!)

Elsa, princess of Arendelle, possesses cyrokinetic powers. One night while playing, she accidentally injures her younger sister Anna. The king and queen seek help from trolls, whose leader, Grand Pabbie, heals Anna and erases her memories of her sister's powers. Deciding to keep their daughter's dangerous gift hidden until she learns to control it, the royal family lock themselves away inside their castle. Elsa, scared she'll hurt someone again, spends most of her time alone in her room, creating a rift between the two sisters as they grow up.

(Source: Mr Wikipedia)

What we think about this movie? 

Honestly, it's a GREAT movie! Not just about how perfect the scenery that Disney had produced, how beautiful the snowflake details had shown, the story line was impeccable! You may think that the female characters is BORINGGG (just in case you are a man), I am sure you'll get some valuable lessons from this movie! ;)

If The Lion King & Beauty and the Beast are one of the best Walt Disney movies in all centuries, perhaps Frozen may join them! =)

Okay la, maybe Frozen is just new so we are sort of exaggerating here. There wasn't many scenery which makes you cry for hours (like what The Lion King did). However, this is one of the movies we wouldn't mind spending our moneys to watch it.

The Trailer

We shall not spoil the story and leave all of you to watch it. The trailer above makes no sense to the real movie. You have to watch it first, only you get what message that this movie tries to deliver! =)

And by the way, Demi Lovato's "Let It Go" is a better version ok?

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