Able to Eat is a Blessing!

by - 7/25/2013 04:09:00 am

没想到能吃真的是一种幸福的! 因为食物能够让人开心~ =)

四月开始时, 因为身体状况, 我不得不减少我喜欢吃的食物 - McD啦, 鸡啦等等. 很羡慕那些身边的人真的可以"任我吃一顿".

I realize that "able to eat" all you can is a blessing in my life! How about you?

After being falling sick enough since April, I'm forced to cut down huge amount of my favourite foods. I miss those days where I can eat to the fullest. Because food just simply makes people happy!

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4 Goals

  1. 有些人想吃都无法吃。。所以能吃的确是一种幸福 =)

  2. 對阿! 所以趁身體健康時, 要吃多一點喔! XD

  3. Haha lets go eat!!! Eat all you want!!! Btw when we are going to Seoul Garden?? Hahahhaa