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Friday, 21 June 2013

Movie Night!

Project "Today I am Grateful" - Movie Night

I've already watch 2 movies this month, the new record since I don't know.. Last year December maybe?
(By this you can judge how introvert am I by just staying at home ;))

Last time I do came across some bloggers who able to provide a good, decent movie review. Guess this is my first time so don't mind about simple movie preview that I can deliver. ^^"

1) Pee Mak

By google-ing this movie, you can already know that this is a Thai, horror/ghost movie. But wait! It's not just a ghost movie. To my surprise, I was laughing most of the time! It may seems ghostly to you but if you really into comedy, this movie is for you! ;) So, embrace yourselves and watch it! I bet you will want to come back for the 2nd time! ;)

Not to mention this movie has been the highest grossing domestic film in Thailand, and I don't mind watching the 2nd time!

2) Man of Steel

I've got lots of review from my friends saying that not to put high expectation on this movie. Well, the story line was good (which did links to the old version of superman, except without that red underwear in front of superman), but the scene was rather confusing, and not so "WOW" to me.

However, Henry Cavill is HOT!!


Ok la, overall not a bad movie.=)

That's all for the movie I've watch! I actually looking forward to see World War Z, but after seeing the trailer, I am like.. uhm.. nevermind forget it.. (it seems so scary!)


  1. Havent watch Pee Mak yet. Ok i will go and give it a try then ^^

    1. yes it's a must-watch movie! Never mind about being labeled as ghost movie ^^


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