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Sunday, 5 May 2013


5 is the day!

Malaysians, are you ready?!

Being labeled as the most fierce fight of General Election in History (of course this is applicable to Malaysia only la), I am definitely looking forward tomorrow's result!

Before this, I couldn't care less about the election. (Probably I was young back then and also not eligible to vote) This time, the feeling is different! Not only being the first-time voter, I feel the spirit of Malaysians unite together during this Election. Some choose to travel down to the north or south, some came back from HK, Singapore etc, just to cast their votes!

"Never mind about traffic jams, busy schedule or crowds, I need to go back to vote for my beloved home!" they giving me this kind of thoughts.

Our wish is very simple: We want a better Malaysia, with minimal of corruptions, growing economy and safer country! Regardless of whoever going to be PM in just less than 24 hours.

No matter how the results turn out, I pray for peace and clean election.

Anyway, to end this post, allow me to share about some pictures of GE13 in Malaysia that I grab from my own pictures, internet, friends' pictures:

Kedah is the first town I'd visited end of this year's March, and they already having flag warfare! 

I like that wau!

 The flag warfare in Penang seems worsen.

 Put all together in one place how do I choose leh..

Flags that flying everywhere. Which is your favourite? =)

 Gigantic posters everywhere at Selangor

Especially from BN

They are more than these but I just summarize it.

The last 2 pictures are my favourite one:

 Nurul Izzah surrounded by these small little flags

UBAH! Ini kali lah!! (Kelana Jaya)

Get some good rest tonight, Malaysians! May the best leader wins!

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